Ganapati Usain Bolt Slot Delayed Due To Olympic Postponement

Ganapati Usain Bolt Slot Delayed Due To Olympic Postponement ( Click to Enlarge )

There have been several new iGaming software developers springing up over the last decade, which should come as no surprise when you consider the outrageous extent of the online casino industry’s growth in recent times. Ganapati is a relatively new developer that was established in 2013 and hit the online slot market three years later with She Ninja Suzu in 2016.

Since then the company, which straddles the UK, Taiwan and Tokyo, has emerged as one of the most exciting new developers around, with an eye-catching anime aesthetic, as well as insistence on narrative-based online slot games.

At the beginning of 2020, they announced a collaboration with the sporting legend Usain Bolt, in a move that whipped up a frenzy of excitement within the gambling community.

A Ferociously Fast Online Slot

Although there still hasn’t been too much information released in regards to this slot due to various factors, it is clear that Ganapati are going to have to make it an outrageously exciting title in order to live up to Usain Bolt’s name.

Luckily for gamblers, Ganapati have proven themselves time and time again as an incredibly innovative developer studio, with games such as Dawn of the Druids that have incredibly rich narratives, as well as scintillating bonus features.

The Ganapati Slot Strategy

The announcement of a partnership with Usain Bolt signals the continuation of a Ganapati slot strategy that sees them working to establish themselves as cultural beacons in the online slots world.

In fact, the Ganapati CCO Taku Sawada has repeatedly played down the significance of things like VR slots, arguing that cultural developments will far surpass technological developments in terms of impact.

The strategy seems to be paying off too, as the Pacquiao One Punch KO slot released in December 2019 is a testament to.

Olympic Size Spanner In The Works

The Usain Bolt Ganapati slot was scheduled to have been released in tandem with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics; however, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic this has been postponed by a year.

It is a particularly annoying spanner in the works for Ganapati, and the whole gambling industry is looking to see how they will navigate the problem.


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