Golden Tiger Classic Slot Released by iSoftBet

Golden Tiger Classic Slot Released by iSoftBet ( Click to Enlarge )

iSoftBet is known for their great video slots, but they have added something different to the mix with a new classic slot release. This comes in the form of the Golden Tiger online slot, and this game offers a solid 1,000x top jackpot along with great graphics and an Asian theme that brings new life to an old genre.

Golden, Green, Red and Blue Tigers

The classic slot genre is something that doesn’t get as much attention these days as it used to because they’re seen as games that are virtually obsolete compared to five-reel video slots. It can be difficult to do something exciting and interesting enough with the three-reel format to be competitive in today’s market, but iSoftBet is up for the challenge.

Taking up this challenge is exactly what they’re doing with the Golden Tiger classic slot.

As is typical for these types of games, the reels are off to the one side while there’s a trip down the left-hand side that shows all of the available payouts on the pay table. This is a handy reference, but it doesn’t really get into the depth that this game brings to the table in terms of what the features are like outside of the regular pays.

The Asian Tiger Theme

Tigers are very important in different Asian cultures and as a part of various mythologies. They make sense in this game because they make up all of the top payouts worth values from 100x to 1,000x. With five paylines, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get paid in this slot because there’s a lot of coverage with overlapping lines.

The Multiplier Bonus Round

In most classic slots, you won’t find any type of feature whatsoever. That was one of the major downfalls of the genre compared to video slots. In the Golden Tiger online slot, however, there’s a special multiplier bonus that happens if you fill the reels with all nine of the same symbols, which is easier than it sounds because of all of the stacked symbols.

When this bonus feature is triggered, you get chances for some of the best payouts in the game.

You’re immediately paid out for your win on all five paylines. However, those wins are doubled, so it’s like getting the win two different times.

Golden Tiger Bonus Feature

If it was the golden tiger symbol, the highest-paying symbol in the game, that activates this feature, then you get taken to another bonus round. You’ll see two special bonus reels activate.

The first of them has high-tier symbols from the reels, and the second offers multipliers worth as much as 10 times the regular value. You’ll get one symbol and one multiplier, and you’ll get the three-of-a-kind payout for that symbol multiplied by the multiplier value that’s given as an added bonus.

Wide Availability

This game has been released in HTML5, which means that players with all kinds of different devices can get in on the action with no problem. iSoftBet uses this software platform for all of their games because of this, and it’s for this reason that HTML5 is considered the most modern platform and the platform of the future at the same time.

Computer-based players can use a wide range of systems including those that operate using Linux or Mac in addition to Microsoft Windows. If you’re a mobile fan, you can use iOS or Android in addition to Windows Phone, Blackberry and other mobile operating systems.

iSoftBet’s Progress in 2019

So far this year, we have seen iSoftBet come out with some hot new titles. The year is only halfway through, so we expect to see even more from this company as they leverage their content distribution agreements with names like Microgaming Quickfire to get their new releases in front of tons of players while building their name at the same time.