Habanero Systems Debuts Mount Mazuma Slot With Expanding Interface

Habanero Systems Debuts Mount Mazuma Slot With Expanding Interface ( Click to Enlarge )

The interface of the newest Habanero Systems game, the Mount Mazuma online slot, can be manipulated with in-game achievements, which is one of the main selling points of this new title. It provides players an ability to manipulate the chances to win based on the number of ways that you can get paid with an “all ways” approach that offers a ton of action. Players will have other ways to win big payouts as well, which contribute to an overall atmosphere of excitement.

Climb Mount Mazuma for Big Prizes

The Mount Mazuma video slot is the newest game to be released by software provider Habanero Systems. Their games are known for being a part of the Microgaming Quickfire platform and for being available at a number of other casinos through stand-alone deals. No matter how you find their offering, their latest game offers a lot to get excited about.

In the Mount Mazuma online slot, players start with 243 ways to win, but that can quickly increase to the thousands thanks to the Super-Way feature and the expanding interface.

What stands out about this game is that Habanero has played with what you would traditional assume are static elements to give a more dynamic feel and a more exciting experience.

How to Get Paid

This HTML5 title initially starts off with five reels and three rows, which is about as normal as you can get. However, because extra rows can be added, the game doesn’t only have 243 ways to get paid for long. More ways to win are added as extra rows move in and out of the game interface to allow for more opportunities to get paid.

However, that’s not the only thing that provides players with more opportunities for payouts. The Super-Way feature allows given symbols to split in two to add more ways to get paid than the usual five-by-three grid typically allows. This leads to several tens of thousands of total ways to get paid in this game, and that’s something that players don’t really get from anywhere else.

The Cocktail Free Spins Mode

If you get three or more of the cocktail symbols with their tropical motifs in this game, that activates a free spins mode with 10 initial free turns. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

The Extra Chance option can appear at the end of the free spins if players won less than five times their total wager during the free spins mode. You can win an extra payout worth up to 500 times your total bet here, and that’s yet another way to get paid in this title.

We like the Extra Chance option here a lot because it introduces a win-win situation where players are guaranteed a minimum payout. There are fewer things worse than getting excited because you hit a free spins bonus round only to find out that you hardly won anything during those free spins, and Habanero Systems has avoided that situation with this feature.

Mount Mazuma is a Part of a Serious Portfolio

While we can judge this new release on its own and see it do favorably, it’s best viewed through the lens of the entire portfolio of Habanero Systems online slots. Players always have to think about the context of releases like this and see that it’s a part of a consistent set of high-quality games produced by this developer.

The regular gameplay is pretty intense with plenty of ways to get paid, but when you add that to the Extra Chance feature in the free spins bonus round, then you get a serious picture of just how much they want their players to win when they play these titles. It’s a great example of how they can produce a high-end game without relying on some type of preexisting brand as well, which is a crutch that a lot of other developers have grown to rely on over the years.