Habanero Systems Releases New Wild Trucks Slot With New Mechanisms

Habanero Systems Releases New Wild Trucks Slot With New Mechanisms ( Click to Enlarge )

A handful of new gameplay mechanisms that we’ve never seen before have been released along with the new Wild Trucks video slot by Habanero Systems. This game is about a number of big rig trucks in different colors, and those trucks correspond to ways to launch free spins and other features that will give players a fairly unique type of experience.

Wild Trucks Launches by Habanero

The most recent release from Habanero Systems follows a pattern that we have seen from them before, and it’s a pattern that has gotten them a lot of attention from players for years.

This pattern is that they create a game that centers around a particular style of gameplay and give it solid graphics without worrying about having a popular theme or a bunch of flash without substance.

The idea here is that there are a variety of gameplay features that we see in the Wild Trucks video slot that we haven’t really seen before, and they come together to give a very action-oriented experience that’s the sort of thing that virtually any type of slot fan will be able to get something from.

Five Big Rig Trucks

Based on a bet size of €1.50 per spin (€0.10 on each of the 15 paylines), players have five big rig trucks that make up most of the important symbols in the game. These symbols pay in increments from €120 down to €60 for five of a kind combinations, but they also help to trigger some bonus features in this game.

If you get four different colored trucks of red, yellow, purple, orange and blue on the first through fifth reels, respectively, then the missing reel will turn into a reel full of wilds to give you more opportunities to get paid.

If you get the same colored truck on the first, third and fifth reels at the same time, then you’ll trigger a set of free spins as well. You can earn from 25 to 10 free spins depending on which truck is used to trigger this bonus feature. However, if you use a wild symbol to do it, then you get a whooping 75 free turns instead, which is obviously a value-packed prize.

During the free spins mode, if you get two matching trucks on the same row, all of the symbols between those two will turn to match them, which gives you lots of guaranteed extra wins that you would have otherwise missed out on. That’s a game mechanic that we’ve never seen before, and it’s something that adds a whole lot of excitement to the experience as well.

Wild Symbols and Progressive Jackpots

The wild symbol pays out €7,500 based on a €1.50 bet size for five of a kind on a payline. While there are no specific wins for three of a kind or four of a kind of this symbol, we think that the big static jackpot is definitely worth a lot on its own.

Speaking of jackpots, this game also has two progressives. The grand jackpot and mini jackpot are won at random at any level of stakes without having to get any particular combinations of symbols on the reels.

What you can see from this title is that there’s a ton of action waiting to be had, and that’s exactly what we like to see, especially with the sizable jackpots in the static and progressive realms.

Habanero Systems Bringing Hot New Releases

If you want to know where to find these games, you can get in on the action with any casino that uses the Microgaming Quickfire or EveryMatrix software packages in addition to many others. Habanero has so many content distribution deals that chances are that one of your favorite casinos will have their portfolio of titles ready to go.