Hacksaw Gaming Signs Multi-deal Scratchcard Deal With SoftSwiss

Hacksaw Gaming Signs Multi-deal Scratchcard Deal With SoftSwiss ( Click to Enlarge )

We’ve reported on a number of content distribution deals that SoftSwiss has made in recent months, but there’s another one with Hacksaw Gaming that is different than the rest. This is because Hacksaw focuses largely on their online scratchcard offering, which is something that hardly any other software provider gives more than a nominal amount of attention to.

A Focus on Scratchcards

It can seem like everything in the online casino industry seems to be centered around online slots a majority of the time. They make up an overwhelming majority of the games by number, and they even cover most of the bets in most casino sites.

However, there’s plenty of room for other types of games, and the work by Hacksaw Gaming on online scratchcards proves this.

While everyone has been focusing on slots, companies like Hacksaw Gaming have been looking at shoring up the market in other areas, and that creates a really interesting dynamic because they’re able to relatively easy outperform everyone else in this particular sector of the game.

This is ultimately one of the things that has led to their most recent multi-year deal with SoftSwiss in which they will provide their online scratchcard titles.

Details on the New Deal

This new deal will have Hacksaw Gaming providing scratchcard content primarily for the SoftSwiss platform for a period of multiple years. This is a great deal considering Hacksaw has only been around since September of last year, so they’ve made a tremendous amount of progress in a short period of time.

They currently have 27 titles available with bet sizes that start as low as €0.10 per turn and go up to the €10 level. Along these lines, there are games where you can win as much as 100,000 times your bet size, so it’s clear that they have some serious jackpots available.

It’s also worth noting that they’re planning on releasing their first online slot games during the upcoming year, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of perspective they have on creating those titles.

SoftSwiss Continuing to Grow

Something we have seen with SoftSwiss over the past couple of years is that they have been incredibly aggressive when it comes to acquiring the rights to distribute new content. However, it’s not just more games that they’re after:

The pattern we have seen over and over again is SoftSwiss entering into agreements with companies that are lesser known but that produce a high level of quality in their games.

It makes sense why they would want to do this. If they have all of the games that the other providers and software platforms have, then there would be nothing to make them stand out. This approach seems to have them standing out for a more unique and interesting collection of titles compared to what you find with other software aggregation platforms.

The HTML5 Platform

It’s also worth noting that Hacksaw Gaming produces all of their titles in HTML5. This is a critical part of the situation because that makes things so much easier for SoftSwiss while simultaneously being better for players:

  • Using HTML5 makes it easier for SoftSwiss to integrate the titles into what they currently have available on their platform.
  • You can also play the same version of an HTML5-built game on mobile or your computer without them having to dedicate resources to multiple versions of the same game.
  • Since HTML5 is the platform that is looking like will be around for a long time, it’s great that they’re starting off in the right direction when it comes to thinking about their future.

Somehow, for some reason, there are still providers out there right now that are producing games in Adobe Flash. This is the older platform, and it’s all but obsolete at this point. Hacksaw has definitely not fallen into that trap, and it speaks well to their chances of getting bigger and bigger in the future.