HITSqwad Teams Up With Twin Win Games

HITSqwad Teams Up With Twin Win Games ( Click to Enlarge )

Up-and-comer HITSqwad has signed a partnership agreement with Twin Win Games. This partnership will help HITSqwad solidify itself as a leading jackpot games producer. Twin Win Games has a stellar reputation for global game development.

HITSqwad Signs New Deal With Twin Win Games

New kid on the block HITSqwad Interactive Gaming has joined forces with leading game developer Twin Win Games. Per this new agreement, Twin Win Games will be offering support to HITSqwad in creating fresh content.

Support from a leading content developer like Twin Win Games is a massive achievement for a new iGaming studio like HITSqwad.

This is not the first time that Twin Win Games has partnered with a brand to lend a helping hand. They have worked on projects with brands all across the globe. Twin Win Games has helped users across Asia, Europe and North American step up their quality and innovative content production.

Additionally, the company has a team of more than 100 highly skilled individuals. Twin Win sources the best talent for artists, developers, animators, project managers and QAs. This means that companies can expect a serious boost whenever they choose to partner with Twin Win Games.

According to the terms of this deal, Twin Win is set to assist HITSqwad with art production as well as game client development. This is a massive boon to HITSqwad because it enables them to develop their casino game offerings more fully. It also allows HITSqwad to scale its teams as needed. Both of these things are essential components to a competitive growth and expansion strategy.

It can be difficult for smaller indie brands to carve out a space in such a large and competitive market. However, teaming with a trusted name like Twin Win gives them a much-needed advantage in the online casino space.

HITSqwad Ups the Ante For Customizable Jackpot Games

HITSqwad was created by industry experts who saw a niche that still needed to be filled in the online gambling industry. They create adaptable and customizable jackpot games that are able to fulfill the differing regulatory requirements of various markets.

There will be a range of fun and feature-packed games for every jackpot theme created. Their strategy is to offer a games catalog that is both diverse and appealing across all markets. Their ambitious plan will allow companies to pick and choose the themes and branding that appeal most to their target market.

This deal with Twin Win outlines a specific content production strategy. Every new title will be created with a mobile-first approach. This offers much more agility and an overall better user experience. Additionally, all games produced with Twin Win’s support will add extra flair and brand-new elements to familiar jackpot games.

These two main criteria combine to guarantee an exceptionally high level of customer engagement and player enjoyment. Twin Win Games has several years of experience in creating top-tier online gaming content under its belt. The company now focuses on sharing its expertise with other studios that wish to develop successful titles.

Both HITSqwad and Twin Win Games are ambitious industry shakers that are not afraid to take risks and upend the status quo. This makes them an excellent pairing that is sure to churn out fresh, exciting jackpot game content for operators worldwide.

Looking Forward to a Prosperous Partnership

Both HITSqwad and Twin Win Games are set to benefit significantly from this planned partnership.

When asked to comment on the new deal, HITSqwad CEO Charl Geyser said:

“This is another key partnership for HITSqwad. It will allow us to leverage Twin Win Games’ unrivaled experience and an incredible team of talent to rapidly deliver our products on a single platform that covers most major operating systems, web browsers, and devices.”

Geyser believes that this is the beginning of a fantastic and prosperous partnership for both studios. Twin Win Games’ founder Natalia Makarova thinks the same. She commented that Twin Win Games is “very happy and proud to become partners with HITSqwad.” Makarova went on to say that she and her team can’t wait to “help bring [HITSqwad’s] innovative ideas to life.”

Both studios share similar ideas on quality and pushing the envelope when it comes to online gaming content. Such an exceptional match of collective energies is sure to create an exciting amount of truly innovative content.

This partnership will undoubtedly elevate both HITSqwad and Twin Win Games over the long term. The first set of HITSqwad jackpot games are slated to be released via Playzido in 2022.