Hot New Space Spins Slot Sees Release From Wazdan

Hot New Space Spins Slot Sees Release From Wazdan ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest game released in May 2019 by Wazdan is Space Spins, and this game takes you to the frontier of HTML5 games with free spins, options for volatility level changes and a lot of other preferences you can toggle to customize your experience. The game looks great as well and brings a tremendously exciting level of gameplay that’s up there with the best titles they have released in the past year.

Another Hot New Release From Wazdan

It’s not really a secret in the industry, but Wazdan is all about making sure that players get all kinds of new games on a regular basis. They have committed to at least one new title each calendar month, which is pretty aggressive as for as slot release schedules, but that’s not all:

Wazdan continues to push the envelope when it comes to making sure that they are on the cutting edge of what’s fresh and exciting in the industry.

We can see that in a pretty big way with the set of options available to really customize your overall experience in their latest release Space Spins, and this slot has its own strong level of graphics and gameplay as well.

The Gameplay Itself

The Space Spins online slot takes place in outer space, much like you’d expect from the name, and the theme keeps things fresh visually with special representations of different types of stars and other celestial bodies.

However, the gameplay is largely action-based with six reels and 40 paylines. The sci-fi theme of this title is all about bringing players lots of ways to win, and you can see with the huge amount of screen real estate that they’re taking this pretty seriously. Wild symbols, scatter symbols and opportunities for free spins supplement the already strong pay table and huge selection of customization options.

While this slot isn’t jam-packed with features like what you might expect from a number of others, the bottom line is that they’re really bringing it in terms of giving player ways to get the exact type of experience they want within these bounds.

Various Ways to Customize the Game

One thing that’s lacking in most online slots is the ability to change how the game itself is played. Wazdan has opened up a lot of options to give players ways to do just that with the Space Spins video slot, and you can see it with the following:

  • Three different volatility levels to choose from
  • A gamble feature that works differently than what players are used to
  • A double screen mode that allows you to take in twice as much action at once
  • An energy saving mode that’s especially important for mobile players
  • The ultra fast mode is best for players who want the animations and other delays to be as minimized as possible for more spins per session
  • An ultra lite mode is great for players with older computers or mobile devices, and turning it on will keep it the game from using so many system resources
  • A big screen mode is perfect for players with larger monitors that usually don’t show most online slots in their best light because of less-than-optimal graphical scaling quality

What you can see is that everything is geared towards giving you the experience you want instead of making it a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and we’re really glad to see that Wazdan is leading the way in this particular area.

What to Expect From Wazdan Going Forward

Earlier this year, Wazdan shocked everyone by releasing more than a half-dozen titles all at once. Aside from that, they are still releasing at least one new slot each month, and with seven more months left in the year, we’re really interested to see what they bring to the table in that time.

We strongly suspect that we will see more of these customization features available, and we will be surprised if most or all of their games don’t have all of these options and more available as well.