ICE London Hosts Guest Of Honour Usain Bolt

ICE London Hosts Guest Of Honour Usain Bolt ( Click to Enlarge )

Usain Bolt. It’s a name almost everyone across the globe knows, and when it was announced that he was partnering with online casino games operator Ganapati the online casino gaming world was stunned. They were perhaps even more stunned this month when the fastest man in the world arrived at ICE London 2020, the premier event for all eCasino, online bingo, and online lottery websites all over the world, with many different developers and fans alike coming together to talk the next best things in the world of online gambling.

Chat With Juliet Adelstein

On the first day of ICE London 2020, Usain Bolt sat down with newly announced Ganapati CEO Juliet Adelstein for an informal discussion on how the fastest man on earth has managed to carefully build his brand into the instantly recognisable image he presents today.

The unlikely pair agreed that it was essential to have the right team around you to help you manage your self image, and that an element of choosiness is important when deciding upon a company to partner with.

Adelstein expanded on this, stating that:

a properly executed partnership would also allow the athlete leverage for their own brand.”

She also pointed out just how hands-on the Jamaican athlete had been in the creation and development of his game, saying that he had been involved “every step of the way“.

Bolt’s Panel

The panel took place on the Wednesday afternoon of the week-long ICE conference, with the world-famous athlete fielding questions from both the assembled media and conference-goers.

Bolt started by expressing his excitement at having his own themed online slot game and how he wished to expand his brand, before then describing the impact gaming has had on his life.

He also fielded several questions about his sporting career and other numerous hobbies, with a particular focus on what games he himself enjoys.

Bolt ended the panel by expressing his joy at attending the conference:

For me, it’s just being a part of this. I’m excited to actually be here and learn more about ICE itself. I’m going to take some pictures, sign some shoes, just hang out – I’m excited just to learn.”