Intertops Hosts $240,000 Dream Cruise Contest Through Early September

Intertops Hosts $240,000 Dream Cruise Contest Through Early September ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest massive promotion to come from Intertops Casino comes by way of their $240,000 Dream Cruise Contest. This promotion offers value to players at all levels of stakes and all kinds of games with around a quarter million being paid out in prizes with everything from bonus offers to cash and random drawings with this leaderboard competition.

Cash in With the Dream Cruise Contest

Intertops Casino is known for running a lot of big leaderboard competitions that run on a weekly basis. They have several of these events each year, and the latest is the $240,000 Dream Cruise Contest.

This promotion will give players chances to win by earning points at their slots and table games alike.

What’s critical to note if you want to get in on the action with this promotion is that it will be running through September 2, 2019, which means you’ll be able to get value each and every week based on the rank prizes and other special offers that you can get during the event period. There’s something for players at all levels with all types of games, which makes it a particularly inclusive event.

How to Get Paid With This Event

There are a few ways that you can get paid with this promotion.

  1. The Weekly Leaderboards
  2. The Weekly Random Drawings
  3. The Final Drawing

Each week, a total of $30,000 in bonuses will be given away through a leaderboard competition that resets every seven days to give a fresh batch of players a fair chance at winning. The more points you earn from your real money play during this time, the better of a position you’ll have and the larger the prizes are that you will win. Up to $500 will be given to top-ranked players, and there will be tons of these being given away each week.

A total of 300 players are being given prizes each week as a part of this leaderboard portion of the event.

A set of weekly random prize drawings for players who have been active in the past week before those drawings will be had as well, and this is a great chance for low-stakes or less frequent players to get a piece of the promotional pie here as well.

Finally, on September 2, 2019, which is the last day of the event, a final drawing will be had with a top prize of $1,000 in cash with no wagering requirements or restrictions attached. You can gain entry to this drawing by being one of the top 20 players in the weekly leaderboards.

An Inclusive Event

What makes these types of leaderboard competitions so popular at Intertops Casino is that they are very inclusive. There are no real restrictions put on players in terms of who can win based on stakes or the games they enjoy. Both slots and table game players are welcome to earn points through their real money play, and things are set up so that both high rollers and penny players can get a piece of the action.

By avoiding leaving out large groups of players, Intertops is able to create a culture of winning in these promotions, and that helps to keep the interest of the player base as a whole, which leads to a tremendous sense of loyalty.

Intertops Casino in 2019

A lot of casino sites that have been running for several years eventually fall to the side or go out of business because they don’t keep up with current trends or what’s going on in the industry. Intertops Casino has avoided that type of fatal mistake by keeping their game selection strong and fresh and offering players events like the Dream Cruise Contest that give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in value several times each year. This is a winning combination that has worked for a long time and that will continue working into the future.