iSoftBet Expands in Bulgaria With Alphabet Gaming Deal

iSoftBet Expands in Bulgaria With Alphabet Gaming Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

iSoftBet has continued their aggressive expansion in European regulated markets with another deal in Bulgaria. This time, it’s with Alphabet Gaming, known for operating its Alphawin brand that serves players in the regulated Bulgarian market.

Alphabet Gaming Pairs Up With iSoftBet

The regulated markets in Europe are constantly in a state of slow but steady flux. Small changes here and there escalate over time, and this includes software providers trying to get their foot in the door and expand as much as possible to get their games in front of as many players as they can. We’ve seen this process play out once again thanks to a new deal between Alphabet Gaming and iSoftBet.

This new deal helps both groups, but it also helps players in a major way.

When it comes to deals like this, the main thing to consider is which side is getting the most from it. However, you also have to consider what the long-term strategies are for each side. As a result, you can end up with win-win situations in the long run. Additionally, considering how things affect the players, both in the region and outside of it, is critical.

Alphawin Adding Tons of High-Quality Games

As for Alphabet Gaming, the main thing they’re getting from this agreement is an increased game selection. This is for their Alphawin brand in particular. They’re adding lots of new content from iSoftBet as a result of this agreement. However, this provider’s games are known for being top-notch, which causes a bit of a ripple effect.

For one, it puts Alphabet in a position to attract content distribution deals from other high-end providers. The business idea behind this is called pre-selection, and it creates a situation where they have an increased perceived level of trust in the industry. Additionally, this is a critical component of how the whole thing comes together over the long run for operators who want to attract more top-level software companies.

Another element of this is that it simply bolsters their offering for their current players and any new players who might be attracted to what iSoftBet has to offer. This gives a competitive advantage in the immediate future. However, it also provides a long-term effect due to new iSoftBet titles coming to them as well.

iSoftBet’s Aggressive European Expansion

On the software side, iSoftBet has been super aggressive in the European markets for years at this point. However, what this shows is that they aren’t slowing that strategy down anytime soon. They are continuing to push to get their games in front of more players and in more operators’ lineups. It’s a great way to offer something to new players. Additionally, it offers long-term security in the form of picking up more and more of the market share.

What’s also critical to understand is that these deals are handled in a long-term form. They aren’t just looking to keep this going for a year or two. Both iSoftBet and Alphabet Gaming want this to be a long-running partnership that’s mutually beneficial. This makes it easy to see how this is a foothold in the Bulgarian market that iSoftBet will not have to worry about losing for quite a while.

The Players Win Big On This One

Outside of the business elements, the players are winning pretty big on this deal. For one, the players in Bulgaria are getting better access to top-tier games. It’s pretty easy to see how that’s the case. However, the thing that may not be obvious is that it helps to elevate expectations for the industry as a whole.

This is achieved by increased growth and competition. As this type of competition continues, players expect more and more from operators. Additionally, they expect more expansion and higher quality games from software providers. This competition creates a pressure for growth, and it drives up the standard level of what’s expected. Ultimately, this leads to a better industry for players to enjoy over time.