iSoftBet Launches In-Game Gamification and Promotional Package for GAP

iSoftBet Launches In-Game Gamification and Promotional Package for GAP ( Click to Enlarge )

iSoftBet’s GAP software platform has over 3,000 games available from top-tier providers, and they’ve recently added a gamification tool set they are calling In-Game that allows for a ton of cool promotions and other events across their entire collection of available titles, including all third-party games. This allows for leaderboard competitions, the allocation of bonuses and free chips and a lot more.

Gamification Tool Set “In-Game” Rolled Out by iSoftBet

The Gaming Aggregation Platform, shortened to GAP, is the main software platform produced by iSoftBet that has games from tons of high-end, third-party developers all in one place. This is their main software platform and their main contribution to the online casino software world (aside from the video slots they’ve developed themselves), and they’ve recently added something very serious to that platform.

The new “In-Game” tools from iSoftBet makes it easy to add gamification elements and tons of different types of promotions to the games available through their GAP platform.

The significance of this new tool set is that it puts operators in a position where it’ll be really easy to add types of promotions, events and special offers that were previously very difficult (if not technologically impossible) across the varied platform with tons of games from a variety of software providers.

Leaderboard Opportunities and More

Something that has a lot of potential that’s a part of this tool set is the leaderboard setup. With In-Game, operators can set up leaderboard competitions that are updated in real time without having to wait on an end-of-day delay like what you find with most other sites that try to run similar. What’s more is that they’re compatible with their full suite of more than 3,000 games, which is a fun departure from how you normally see a lot of games excluded from play when it comes to similar promotions at many other sites.

In terms of what else is available, special cash bonuses, free spins, free chips and plenty of other goodies like achievement setups and point rewards can be put in directly by the operator with tons of customization available. This really allows for casinos that use the GAP software to use their creativity in the promotional side of things so that it can match the creativity put forth in the rest of what they have available.

An Expansion in an Unlikely Area

We’ve seen software providers expand into a lot of areas with more games, better options, HTML5 titles (which iSoftBet has) and plenty more. However, something we haven’t seen much from the software side is opening things up to make it easier on the casinos themselves to offer cool types of promotional events.

What the In-Game tool is just that: It puts casino operators in a position to have more flexibility and more options to give players promotions and other gamification elements to enhance the experience of playing with them. We love seeing this type of thing because it allows more room for better experiences for players in the general sense, especially with the achievements systems that have become popular on video game platforms that are now available through this set of tools.

iSoftBet Making More Moves

The news of the release of the In-Game gamification package comes right after iSoftBet announced the inclusion of Red Tiger Gaming’s full suite of titles on their GAP platform. It’s clear that they are making moves and continuing to expand on what they have available, and they’re pushing further and further up the mountain in terms of being a top-tier software platform provider.

iSoftBet is mostly known by players for having developed great games in the video slot genre, but they’re showing with these moves that they are pushing towards being more, and we think that players will know them more for their GAP platform sooner rather than later.