K8 Casino ‘Winning’ On Social Media

K8 Casino ‘Winning’ On Social Media ( Click to Enlarge )

All online casinos and operators rely heavily on positive interactions with customers to be successful. Players can always learn about the latest slot releases and promotions through the relevant pages on the website, but users tend to have more appreciation for casinos that interact with them through blogs or social media platforms.

K8 Casino is one operator that doesn’t disappoint on this front. Always keen to initiate conversation with players and keep them in the loop about the latest news with their casino, K8 has frequently engaged with members through its social media platforms.

Keeping Everyone Up To Date

K8 Casino is active on various social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

Several other online casino sites have made efforts to do similar things, but the downside is that this often results in blatantly promotional posts or infrequent updates.

Some online casinos offer updates to their social media accounts once or twice a month, and in the age where social media rules, this is not good enough. K8 Casino is far more active on social media than the competition.

Keeping It light

Aside from the regular updates about events and goings-on at their online casino, K8 is known for offering a touch of comedy, particularly in relation to sports events. It seems they have taken a leaf out of the Paddy Power book, frequently ridiculing football teams who suffer a bit of bad fortune.

One such example of this is a recent Twitter post about the masses of Ajax fans that turned out in Amsterdam to celebrate their team’s Eredivisie victory.

K8 joked about how it might have been if they’d managed to win the champions league (they were knocked out in the semi-finals by Tottenham Hotspur). It is this regular posting of entertaining and engaging social media content that helps K8 stand out from the crowd.

The Serious Side

Of course, it isn’t all fun and games at K8 Casino. They are a provider of top quality casino games from many of the industry’s leading developers. If their recent activity on social media doesn’t win you over, their provision of top-of-the-range games and above-average customer support should.