Kalamba Games Signs Partnership Agreement With Pariplay

Kalamba Games Signs Partnership Agreement With Pariplay ( Click to Enlarge )

Pariplay has signed yet another top-tier games provider to its games aggregation platform. This is the Ignite platform, and it’s one of the most popular platforms used in online casinos today. The addition of high-end providers like Kalamba Games helps to show why it has earned its popularity.

Pariplay Adds Kalamba Games to Its Lineup

The casino game aggregation side of the industry is all about business deals and licensing. In fact, most of the business agreements we see much about is specifically about licensing games for these types of purposes. That’s why it’s exciting but not particularly surprising to see the newest announcement from Kalamba Games.

Kalamba Games’ portfolio of titles will now be available on the Ignite platform from Pariplay.

This has been a part of a serious campaign from Kalamba recently. They’ve made a variety of deals on both ends of these types of agreements. Additionally, it goes to show that Pariplay hasn’t let up off of the gas pedal either, so to speak. Both companies have similar levels of aggression with expansion, so it makes perfect sense that they would work together in this capacity.

Which Games Are Available to the Ignite Platform From Kalamba?

The first thing most players will want to know is which games are affected. After all, that’s ultimately the entire point of the deal.

Overall, a major portion of Kalamba Games’ online slots are the target for this agreement. That includes an absolute ton of games from a variety of providers they have made their own distribution arrangements with. As such, it’s helping a number of other developers to get additional exposure as well. The more players these games get in front of, the more everybody wins as a result. Additionally, it’s this type of win-win business deal that has helped to push the industry along so far in such a relatively short period of time.

Put another way, the players come out in the best possible situation when agreements like this happen. That’s because it turns into a situation of companies working as a team to provide the best possible product.

New Releases Included

A key component of this deal is that it also includes hot new releases. This means players at casinos that use the Ignite platform will have quick access to Kalamba Games’ latest titles. The newest one to come up after the completion of this deal is Phat Cats Megaways. Additionally, it’s expected to be the first new release to be distributed as a part of this agreement.

Kalamba being able to get their newest releases in front of all kinds of new players is a key component of their overall strategy. They received their Portuguese certification earlier this year, for example, and this type of expansion has been right up their alley for quite some time. This deal with Pariplay will allow them to get in front of more players in Portugal in particular. However, it also includes increased access in Italy, Greece, the UK and Romania as well.

Pariplay Continues to Build Its Ignite Platform

It seems like we have more aggregation platforms competing against each other than ever before. However, even in that competitive of an environment, Pariplay’s Ignite platform has been able to stand out above much of what it’s up against. One of the main reasons that they keep such a competitive advantage is their aggression with deals like this one.

When they offer titles from strong companies like Kalamba Games, they’re sending a clear message to players. That message is something along the lines of, “We want to offer the best that’s available for you.” Additionally, as we said above, this type of cooperation leads to really good experiences for players. More titles, better games and increased competition with other aggregators means an upward pressure to give players more and more. That’s the main reason why we always get excited when we see this type of competition heating up. It’s because we know exactly where it leads: better options for players.