Kindred Group Launches Games From Playtech Deal

Kindred Group Launches Games From Playtech Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

Kindred Group is known for being one of the biggest online casino operators. They recently made a content distribution deal with Playtech, and that deal has now went live. This means that players can access Playtech’s portfolio of titles from nine different sites including Unibet.

Playtech Games Available Through Kindred Group

Something we love to see in the industry is how all of the different business deals happen. There are so many opportunities for wins for everyone involved. That’s why we see business deals come up like this one all the time:

Playtech’s full portfolio of online casino titles is now available through sites operated by Kindred Group.

This is great news for a variety of reasons, but there’s a lot more that’s interesting about this deal. Of particular note is the fact that Playtech has been around for a really long time but is still setting the global standard on getting their titles in front of new players. That’s something that’s helped keep them at the top of the industry for such a long period of time.

It’s also worth noting that Kindred Group operates some of the most popular online casinos in the industry. As a result, this deal puts together two of the biggest names that could form a collaboration.

What’s Included in This Deal

A number of different games are included in this distribution deal. In total, it’ll cover hundreds of existing games on top of others that will be released in the future. That’s obviously a good thing for players because it means increased access to games that haven’t even been released yet.

Of particular note is the selection of progressive titles available through Playtech. In the spotlight most recently is their Age of the Gods series. This series took over from the Marvel-branded progressives they had previously. The Marvel series abruptly came to an end due to their licensing deal ending, and we have to assume that had something to do with the popular series of Marvel films gaining so much traction over the past several years.

Aside from that, tons of other games are included here. It includes all of the third-party titles developed for Playtech’s platform from companies like Quickspin, Ash Gaming and Rarestone as well. Overall, Kindred Group is getting a whole lot of fresh content for their casinos from a whole lot of different vectors, and that’s great news for them for obvious reasons.

Everybody Benefits

The big thing to understand about this deal and lots of similar deals like it is that everyone benefits. Playtech benefits because they’re getting their games in front of more people. That’s the whole point of having a casino software company in the first place. As such, it’s a pretty big deal to get their games into more top-tier online casinos.

From there, you have the situation for Kindred Group. Running online casinos is all about getting the best games from the best providers. That’s what draws players in primarily. This deal gives them tons of games from one of the biggest names to ever produce and offer titles in the industry in the first place, so that’s going to benefit them in a big way.

Finally, you have the players themselves who will be enjoying the games. When they have better access to top titles, that’s a big deal for them. They benefit greatly because that puts more great games all in one place with Kindred’s big name brands like Unibet. The whole idea is that they don’t have to bounce around to find all of the games they want.

On top of that, because of the issue of jurisdictions, it helps everyone even more. These games will be available across a variety of regulated jurisdictions. That includes Romania and Belgium in addition to Sweden and the United Kingdom. Increasing access across borders is even more important in the modern age, and this deal achieves just that.


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