Knights Slot Newest Addition by Red Rake Gaming

Knights Slot Newest Addition by Red Rake Gaming ( Click to Enlarge )

The new Knights video slot by Red Rake Gaming takes players back in time to a medieval setting where knights are having it out like nobody’s business. This five-reel game can become a six-reel game at any time when the player activates the magic reel, and this gives you even more chances to win with the wild multiplier Merlin symbol, which doubles the size of any win it’s a part of.

Bringing King Arthur to the Round Table

The Knights online slot is a title produced by Red Rake Gaming that works on the theme of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The story is a bit different depending on the source material, but it’s a great concept for a slot, especially when it’s produced by a company with as good of a reputation for great-looking games with excellent levels of gameplay like this one.

While the visual appeal is strong with the castle motif and several of the most popular knights from the legends of King Arthur, where this title really shines is in its overall gameplay and features.

Red Rake Gaming knows the importance of putting together titles that have a style of play that keeps players interested over a longer period of time. While a great look will draw players in initially, they’ll stop caring about a video slot pretty quickly if it’s not fun and exciting to play.

What to Expect: Features and Bonus Rounds

The Merlin symbol is wild, and you can get a 2x multiplier on any win that includes at least one of him on the reels. You’ll obviously want to see him anywhere on the game board as often as possible.

You’ll notice when you start this game that there’s a sixth reel that can be unlocked on the right-hand end of things. Activating this feature (which players should always do to maximize their RTP percentage) costs a little more per spin, but it’s worth it. You get access to a lot more of the pay table, including virtually all of the top wins available in the game as a whole.

The scattered horse symbol pays up to 40 free spins at once. During this free spin mode, all three of the knights symbols will become wilds, and that means some very serious opportunities to nail big payouts and multi-line wins in a much easier way.

Important Payouts

You absolutely must activate the sixth reel if you play this game because almost none of the following big payouts will be available to you if you don’t. These are all multiples of the total bet size:

  • Six of the Merlin symbol – 4,000x
  • Five of the Merlin symbol – 1,000x
  • Six of any of the knights – 600x
  • Six of the horse (scatter) – 1,500x
  • Five of the horse (scatter) – 500x

These scatter wins in particular are nice because they’re much easier to get than line bet-based wins. That’s because they can appear anywhere on the game board, and they don’t have to appear on any particular reels to give you a win.

Red Rake Gaming Bringing Some Great Titles

Red Rake Gaming has done a great job with their past several releases, and the Knights slot is just another example of that. They don’t actually feature King Arthur himself on the reels, which is interesting enough, but there are enough other key characters to know for sure what the overall theme and concept of the game is like.

Regardless, we see here how they have created such a strong title without needing brands from outside sources or a ton of marketing fluff. Instead, they just create great games, and players are naturally drawn to that sort of thing.