Latest HTML5 Title From Endorphina Released With Ancient Troy Slot

Latest HTML5 Title From Endorphina Released With Ancient Troy Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

Endorphina has announced the release of their most recent title in the form of the Ancient Troy video slot. This game is based primarily around the conflict between Hector and Achilles as they battled outside of the walls of Troy during the events that unfolded after the Trojan Paris’ affair with the Greek Helen that led to the beginning of the Trojan War.

The Feature-rich Ancient Troy Video Slot Launched

In the online casino world, Endorphina is known for bringing players games that are heavy in strong graphics and in gameplay features. Their most recent release is the Ancient Troy online slot, and you can find both of these in this game.

What stands out to us upon first viewing this new title is that the graphics have a hand-drawn style that we can’t remember having seen from Endorphina before.

Because of this different visual style, the game seems particularly fresh and not very much like a continuation of Minotaurus, another Greek-themed slot that they came out with relatively recently. However, don’t be fooled because there’s a lot more going on in this game besides how it looks.

The Trojan Joker Free Spins Mode

We want to jump right into this game’s main bonus feature, which is called the Trojan Joker free spins mode. This is a mix between the wild symbol joker concept from slots and the fact that this game is set during the Trojan War. Here are a few things you’ll want to know about this feature:

  • The scattered walls of Troy symbol showing the front gate to the city is the bonus symbol.
  • Three or more of this scatter anywhere on the game’s set of reels triggers the Trojan Joker free spins mode.
  • You’ll always get a set of 10 free spins at a time no matter how many scatter symbols are used to trigger the bonus feature.
  • Two Trojan joker symbols (see below) will be available on the reels on each and every free spin.
  • Another 10 free turns can be added to your total for getting three or more scatters again.

The Trojan jokers are three-high wild symbols based on the three main characters shown on the game’s symbols. Paris is in green, and she’s a plain wild symbol. Hector is in purple, and he acts as a 2x wild multiplier. Finally, we have Achilles in red, and he’s a 3x wild multiplier.

Two of these will appear on the game board every single spin at random, and if you make a winning combination that includes both of them, then the amounts are multiplied together to give total multipliers of up to 6x.

Important Wins and Payouts

The best payout in the game comes from the scattered walls of Troy symbols as well. Five of a kind, no matter where they land, will give you a 5,000x scatter win. There’s also the Trojan horse wild symbol that appears on every one of the five reels, and it’s worth 1,000x for five of a kind combinations. From there, five of Achilles grants you a 800x win, and five of either Hector or Paris will earn players 600x winning combinations.

Endorphina Bringing High-end Games

Endorphina has clearly done a great job with the Ancient Troy video slot. They know exactly how to put together a strong title, and they used all of the elements that need to be present in such a game to do just that. It’s a very strong example of breaking out of the mold quite a bit when it comes to the Greek slot sub-genre, and it goes to show that this software developer is consistent when it comes to putting out high-quality games.