Latest Update Sees Double Win Crack Review Record

Latest Update Sees Double Win Crack Review Record ( Click to Enlarge )

A recent update to Annio Pte Ltd.’s ‘777 Slots’ game has seen the long-standing industry giant finally break through the 4* barrier after accumulating over 16,000 glowing reviews from regular users.

A powerful social led casino app, 777 slots is steadily growing its install base after securing over a million confirmed users on Android alone and a very comfortable 4.6-star average on the apple store from over 148.5k individual users.

App Based Casino

Annio’s latest string of comprehensive quality of life updates iron out many of the issues that were causing problems for players or problems running the software on older smart devices. Many of these positive reviews are down to the hands-on nature of support that they offer users, responding to feedback and comments online to help ensure that they make the most of their dedicated community.

This was in no small part to a continued drive in August of 2018 to add new functionality to the app in the form of the ‘Blast-A-Ways’ jackpot game that provided a tough yet fair follow on to the popular Harvest Fortune and Divine 5 slots in May and June earlier on the year.

Bug Fixes

With randomness and stutter free performance being such an important part of any casino experience, Annio’s latest series of updates focused on bug fixes and improvements for the new games and ensuring that the company’s sense of balance was not affected.

The current iteration of the game comes with a range of machines in a Las-Vegas inspired wrapper. Pushing the social and competitive elements of the game, users can form their own clubs and climb league tables to secure valuable prizes – with no initial signup costs or prohibitively expensive membership packages. This includes long-standing slots such as ‘Reels of Speed’, ‘Princess of Fortune’, ‘Cleopatra’, and many more.