Live Casino TV Show By Evolution Gaming And Ardent Group

Live Casino TV Show By Evolution Gaming And Ardent Group ( Click to Enlarge )

Evolution Gaming and Ardent Group, a renowned live casino connoisseur and a Belgian casino operator respectively, have partnered to present a live casino TV show. Here, Belgian punters can access live casino services from the comfort of their homes either through mobile phones or tablet devices.

Evolution Gaming Breaking New Ground

By establishing an exclusive studio for Ardent Group, Evolution Gaming aims at empowering the latter to offer live casino services via a unique gaming interface that will improve the experience of bettors.

The studio will be in an already operational broadcast TV facility in Brussels. It will feature the famous Slingshot Auto Roulette and Live Speed Baccarat tables.

The program will be called “Circus Live” and in addition to appearing on Medialaan’s Q2 channel, a commercial broadcaster, it’ll also be available on Twitch. According to Ardent Group, the Baccarat table takes place from 12am to 3 am, while Roulette will be available online 24/7.

Viewers are guided between Baccarat and Roulette tables, serviced by Flemish-speaking croupiers, by a dedicated TV presenter. Similar to live TV shows, the host will be engaging in quips with present punters and gamblers occasionally. In Belgium, Ardent handles two casinos and a total of thirty small-scale gaming halls. Additionally, they are a trusted online casino operator, which shows their competence in running this live casino TV show

Evolution Gaming’s Influence In The Gaming Sector

Ardent has a substantial stake in three licensed gambling sites in Belgium. They are, and The Stars Group’s flagship Poker Stars brand. “Evolution Gaming is quite happy with its continuous interaction with Ardent.” the Business Development Director at Evolution Gaming, James Stern, commented.

Asserting its profound commitment in the casino gaming sector, Evolution Gaming provides live casino services to a majority of its Belgian-based clients from Ardent’s Casino de Spa studio. Jean-Christophe Choffray, Ardent’s Head of Gaming, commented: “We have absolute confidence in choosing Evolution Gaming when it comes to the current progress in its Circus Casino brand.” This continuous influence of Evolution makes it a very enticing entity to watch out for in the gaming sector.

Advertising Restrictions In Place

On 31st October 2018, Belgium’s new legislation regarding restrictions on gambling advertising was accepted. In the guidelines provided, online sportsbooks were limited from presenting advertisements during live sports events and after 8 pm when other programs were taking place. The relevant parties, that is online casino operators and corresponding affiliate partners, were left to advertise on websites where such games were allowed or customized personal advertisements. Furthermore, online operators were to limit bonus offers at a highest of €275 and weekly deposits to be no more than €500.