Lucky Player Nails €5.4 Million Mega Moolah Progressive Win

Lucky Player Nails €5.4 Million Mega Moolah Progressive Win ( Click to Enlarge )

A lucky player was able to take down the top prize on the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot lately. This payout was worth about €5.4 million, and it’s yet another millionaire made from what is clearly one of the most popular online slot jackpots to ever be released.

Taking Down Huge Payouts

The dream of virtually every online slots player is to take down a life-changing jackpot. Some games pay these out more than others, and that can be one of the major factors in how popular an online slot can really be.

Mega Moolah has shown once again why it keeps its popularity levels over the years by paying out an upper seven-figure jackpot once again.

When you always pay out at least a cool million for the top prize, and when that payout can be won by any player on any given real money spin, then you have a recipe that makes players want to come back over and over again to take their shot at the big one. That’s exactly what we have here with Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive online slot, and it’s what led to the most recent major win.

5.4 Million Reasons to Celebrate

The latest win was worth about €5,378,299.90, and it was actually won in US dollars to the tune of $5,956,662. To say that this is a life-changing win would be a massive understatement, but it’s very important to note because you’ll always win at least €1 million if you hit the top jackpot on this game.

We say top jackpot because there are four different ones that you can win that pay out at different levels. The smaller jackpots hit more often, and that helps to give players more ways to get paid and keep their account balance afloat while they shoot for the largest payout available.

Record-breaking Wins

Mega Moolah set and broken a number of records. They hold the largest online jackpot ever at just under €19 million, and that’s also the largest mobile win in online history. This top jackpot is also the single progressive that’s paid out the most total in the history of the industry.

With all of these records, it’s crazy to think that a win of just under €6 million doesn’t even come close to being the biggest thing that Mega Moolah has done.

The fact of the matter is that this top game by Microgaming operates on a different scale than the majority of the other jackpot games by even top providers. The only one that comes close is Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune, which beat Mega Moolah for the largest online jackpot record for a short period of time before Mega Moolah won back the title.

An Inclusive Experience

Something else that’s always important to point out when a big win comes off on this game is that it’s a very inclusive titles. Some jackpot games, especially slots that have been around as long as Mega Moolah, will put real restrictions on who can qualify for the top payout. This would come in the form of large minimum bet sizes to even activate the jackpot to begin with.

Instead of putting limitations on who can win in this game, which we think is generally unfair and not inclusive at all, Mega Moolah has always been set up so that players at all levels of stakes can win. The jackpot has a random chance of being triggered, and that chance increases or decreases proportionately to your bet size. For example, a €2 wager would have twice the chance of winning as a €1 wager.

The reason this works and is fair is that you’re always competing for the same size of payout. This means that your chances to win become tied to the total amount you wager over your session instead of being held behind what’s essentially a wall that most players can’t be comfortable climbing.