Mascot Gaming Joins Pariplay’s Software Lineup

Mascot Gaming Joins Pariplay’s Software Lineup ( Click to Enlarge )

Pariplay has shown once again that they’re making deals with awesome game providers. This comes with their most recent signing of Mascot Gaming. Mascot is known for putting together awesome slots on a regular basis with about a dozen new titles released each year.

Pariplay Gains Mascot Gaming Titles for Their Software

Something we see a lot of is select software platform providers going out and really trying to continue to add to what they have available. In the case of the Fusion platform from Pariplay, they have well over 12,000 titles available. However, they’re still pressing to add more and more top-tier content for players.

Most recently, this comes in the form of adding the full portfolio from Mascot Gaming.

We believe this to be awesome news for players for a variety of reasons. However, what stands out to us first and foremost is that Mascot Gaming really only comes out with a new title about once a month. That’s really a drop in the bucket compared to what Pariplay already has available on their platform. What we can ascertain from this is just how committed they are to not resting on their laurels, so to speak.

Instead, we can see that they are truly committed to going out and finding the best titles from top-tier providers. This is excellent news for players both for the present and the future. That’s because it means you can rely on them to continue to push for what benefits the players in the future.

How Mascot Gaming’s Portfolio Fits Into Things

Mascot has a pretty wide range of titles in a few different genres. While they are probably the most well-known for their slots, they also have a number of table games available. Along these lines, this is a provider that also runs their own promotions exclusively available through their own games. Subsequently, we can see that they’re serious about giving players something special.

Some of their most popular games include the following:

  • Across the Universe
  • The Candy Crush
  • Mayan Riches Megaways

They are expected to continue to move along with their usual release rate after this deal. On average, that comes out to about one new title a month. While that may not seem huge compared to some of the larger software companies, it’s pretty good for a business their size. Additionally, it allows them to focus on quality instead of quantity, which is the most important part of things in today’s market.

Moving Forward With Pariplay’s Fusion Platform

The Fusion platform has a tremendous game selection to say the least. More than 70 different providers are a part of distribution deals through it. Pariplay is able to offer over 12,000 games as a result, and you can see how Mascot Gaming’s lineup won’t really impress anyone if it’s based on quantity because of the huge quantity of titles already available. Instead, it focuses on quality, and that’s where players will get the most value as a part of this overall platform.

What’s more is that the Fusion platform is great for operators as well. It has a variety of promotional tools and other back-end tools that make running things go very smoothly. However, this is further good news for players since it means that casinos that run this software will have a stronger foundation to be built on.

Pariplay has a great reputation with their Fusion platform for making sure that players are taken care of. The casinos that run Fusion, now available with titles from Mascot Gaming due to this deal, have a lot to offer. This includes a huge game selection, as we mentioned above. Additionally, they have strong reputations due to Pariplay having serious requirements for their operators. The Fusion platform is also compatible with a really wide range of different types of mobile devices and computer platforms. As a result, you can play pretty much no matter which type of device or computer you happen to have.


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