Microgaming Breaks €1 Billion Progressive Jackpot Milestone

Microgaming Breaks €1 Billion Progressive Jackpot Milestone ( Click to Enlarge )

The €1 billion milestone has been reached for total accumulative wins for all of Microgaming’s progressive jackpots combined. This is a mega accomplishment from this software provider that has been in the making for around two decades, and it shows that they pay out tremendous amounts of money each and every year.

Big Milestones Being Set

Microgaming is known for having some of the most tremendous progressive jackpots out there. As a matter of fact, they recently broke the world record for the largest progressive jackpot payout with Mega Moolah awarding €18,915,872.81 being given to the lucky winner. This broke the previous record of €17,879,645.12, which was held by (you guessed it) Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

After news broke that Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network paid out over €150 million last year, they’ve come up on another major milestone: The progressive jackpots provided by Microgaming’s titles have paid out a grand total of more than €1 billion. This is an enormous amount of money to be awarded to players, and it works out to around €48 million each year on average since they first opened their doors in the mid-late 1990s.

The Significance of This Milestone

There are a few things that are pretty important to know about this milestone and why it’s so critical:

  • Microgaming has the biggest set of progressive jackpot games of any provider out there today with several games paying at least seven figures for the top prizes.
  • Their Mega Moolah jackpot is tied into a handful of different games, and while it always pays at least €1 million for its highest progressive, it has three other progressives as well and was the first major slot to set the trend of having multiple jackpots at different tiers in the same game.
  • Several other trends were set by Microgaming with their progressives, including having progressive in table games as well as their slots.
  • Microgaming has led every step of the way for the popularity of progressive jackpot games in the online space since the late 1990s, and all other providers are following the trends that they initially set themselves.

What you can see is that this milestone is yet another example of Microgaming leading the way and making the path that other providers will try to follow with their own games when it comes to the progressive jackpot space.

Where They Go From Here

Right now, it’s pretty clear that Microgaming wants to keep letting their progressive titles dominate the market. They haven’t let their pooled jackpots become irrelevant due to time, however, like some other providers have done with their iconic options. One of the ways they’ve kept this from happening is by launching new games with updated themes and concepts but that use the same pooled jackpots.

This is yet another example of a trend that over providers have followed, and it shows with examples like Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune and the subsequent sequel Mega Fortune Dreams that was an updated version of the original with the same pooled jackpots it’s connected to. That’s the sort of thing that we mean when we say that other providers, even major names like NetEnt, are following the path the Microgaming laid out for them.

How to Get in on the Action

If you want chances to pick up your own piece of one of these major jackpots, then we have reviewed and rated several of the top Microgaming-powered online casinos out there today. They’re known for having tremendous selections of games to choose from with progressive titles in virtually every genre from slots to table games to video poker. If jackpots are on your mind, then they are the premier software company that you want to play with.