Microgaming Brings Hacksaw Gaming Onboard in Distribution Deal

Microgaming Brings Hacksaw Gaming Onboard in Distribution Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

A new distribution deal has Hacksaw Gaming adding their games to the Microgaming Quickfire software suite. This is a big deal for both brands as it’s mutually beneficial by offering Hacksaw a way to get their games in front of new players while adding fresh, high-level content to Microgaming’s software platform.

Hacksaw Gaming Added to Microgaming Quickfire

In the online casino industry, we see different types of business deals between supposed competitors all the time. At first glance, you would think that software companies that produce online casino games wouldn’t want to help each other out all that much, but when you see how the industry works as a whole, you see that it’s the only way for them to thrive and grow.

The recent deal between Microgaming and Hacksaw Gaming illustrates how this works really well.

The whole idea here is that both parties benefit a lot from this type of deal that we’re looking at here, and that’s why it’s imperative that they work with each other in this way. What’s really cool about how all of this works is that, not only do both of the software developers benefit from this, but it’s ultimately the players who get the most from it.

What’s Included in This New Deal

What’s happening here is that Hacksaw Gaming is offering up some of their content to be offered on Microgaming’s software platform, which is a common type of agreement that Microgaming looks for with their Quickfire program. The whole idea is that, while they have their own games to offer, they also have distribution agreements with a ton of other providers, and it’s such an extensive thing that the games offered through these types of deals make up a majority of what they have to offer.

In this particular case, Hacksaw will have some of their top games made available through Microgaming’s platform. This includes big hits like Cubes and Stick Em, but it also includes other titles like Scratch Platinum. While it won’t be for their entire portfolio, it will be for all of their most popular games, and there is room in the future for new releases to be made available in this way as well. This is a pretty standard approach to how these deals go, and it’s an important part of how the software side of things work in the modern era.

How Players Benefit in a Big Way

There are three parts to why this deal matters. First off, Hacksaw Gaming will get their titles in front of more players than ever before. This is important because that’s what they need to have happen to be successful in their sector. It also creates a situation where they can be compared with other providers, increasing direct competition and learning what to do better for the future.

Next up, we have Microgaming, which benefits most obviously from having new high-quality games added to their offering. What’s less obvious is that they benefit to some degree from having yet another high-level software provider with games on their platform that couldn’t exclusively go to some competitor that’s offering a different game aggregator.

Finally, we have the players. The players win the biggest from this because they get a larger number of top-tier games available in the same place. What’s more is that, since Microgaming’s software is available at most of the top casinos to begin with, it means they won’t have to go out of their way to find Hacksaw Gaming’s content.

We really like win-win situations like this, particularly when the players are the primary benefactor. Thankfully, that’s the norm for the industry as a whole at this point, especially with Microgaming. This is because they are generally considered to be the top company with this aggregator-style approach, and they have deals with tons of the top software providers and plenty of smaller ones that still produce high-quality content.

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