Microgaming Created Seven Millionaires in Seven Months in 2020 So Far

Microgaming Created Seven Millionaires in Seven Months in 2020 So Far ( Click to Enlarge )

The progressive jackpot network provided by Microgaming has created a total of seven millionaires so far in 2020 within seven months. This is a tremendous pace that just goes to show that they are changing the lives of big winners on a regular basis at a rate that is outstanding.

Seven Seven-figure Winners So Far in 2020

The progressive jackpots available at any online casino, from any software provider, are always sure to get a tremendous amount of attention. They represent the biggest wins that you can pick up in the online environment, and they offer opportunities to completely change the course of your life in a single spin.

Microgaming’s progressive network has been doing this at a blistering pace so far at 2020 with a rate of one millionaire made from their progressives each month, on average, so far.

Everyone loves to see a big winner, but there’s something different about taking down seven figures in just one spin of one of your favorite online slots. It’s something that happens unexpectedly in an instant, but it’s something that will completely change that winner’s life and the lives of those around him or her.

Where the Wins Have Come From

These wins have come via a variety of titles produced by Microgaming. The most recent was a payout worth about €1.7 million late last month. This was on the Major Millions progressive, a very popular game that’s been a part of Microgaming’s lineup for quite some time.

The win was had on a wager worth just €3, which echos a theme that’s common across most of their progressives: You can win with any real money bet regardless of the size. That makes things particularly inclusive for players who are at all different levels of stakes.

This is actually the third jackpot from Major Millions so far this year that has broken the seven-figure win. Other payouts worth about €1.7 million and €1.2 million came in March and June, respectively.

A variety of other games have been the target of these big payouts as well. This includes wins from the flagship Mega Moolah, Absolootly Mad and Atlantean Treasures. These three games all tie into the same set of progressives, and that helps the payouts to increase in size more rapidly so that players have shots at larger payouts.

Other Winners

Outside of the seven-figure club, it’s really important to point out that Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network has offered tons of wins across all levels. In fact, just this year, they’ve seen more than 550 players so far pick up wins of at least €10,000 thanks to those progressives. That’s more than €5.5 million given out in these lower level prizes, and that’s something that any player can get behind.

The Importance of Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots, particularly for online slots, hold a really important place in any online casino’s overall offering. They almost always have the biggest payouts available at any given site, and that means that players who are seeking big prizes are going to go after them more than just about anything else.

Microgaming knows how important these games are, and that’s why they have such big jackpots lined up with a variety of different types of slots and other titles. As a result, you can have chances to win something tremendous no matter your overall preferences for the title, and that helps to avoid situations of being shoehorned into having to pick from options that you don’t really care for.

Microgaming in 2020

The role that Microgaming has held in the online casino community, and the online gambling industry overall, has always been one of being a leader. They have led the way in so many different areas, so it’s no surprise that they are the leader in the progressive jackpot space.

This has been a major point that they have focused on in 2020 by putting a ton of emphasis on their overall progressive jackpot network, and they have a good reason to do so: They’ve been the top of the totem pole for a long time, and it’s not looking like anyone is close to catching up.


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