More Live Play Opportunities With Playtech

More Live Play Opportunities With Playtech ( Click to Enlarge )

If you like your online casino games to feature live dealing action, you’re in for a treat with Playtech’s latest. Their triple hit blasting onto the market this month showcases their software development skills.

These guys are one of the industry’s largest and most impressive developers of original content for the online casino world. Some casinos are already offering this new triple hit of new opportunities for live dealing action.

New Enhanced Experience

Playtech’s triple blast includes an enhanced version of their wildly successful Hi-Lo game as well as two new roulette table games.

Hi-Lo has been so successful in part due to its appealingly simple premise: will the next card dealt be higher, lower or the same as the last card dealt?

The number of players that can participate in a single round is unlimited and no fewer than six decks of cards are played simultaneously. The new and enhanced version of Playtech’s Hi-Lo features faster gaming action, slicker room design and smoother user experience.

The visual appeal of the new Hi-Lo is a slice of 80s Miami neon with a fancy soundtrack to match.

Live Roulette

The new live-action roulette tables are the Spread-Bet Roulette and the All-American table.

The twist that makes Spread-Bet unique is the special side rewards available. Whereas the All-American offers a double zero wheel as inspired by Playtech’s own Live Grand Roulette. Live-action roulette gaming just got two more ways to win.

For those of you that are perhaps less familiar with the notion of live dealer games, these online casino games can actually be played through any suitable device that offers a decent internet connection.

Most modern computers, tablets and mobile devices will be able to handle these games quite nicely.

The difference between most online casino games and live dealing action games is the human element. A live human dealer will connect with you through a live video feed.

Your flesh and blood croupier will use cards, chips and wheels in real life for you to enjoy. Although they are visible through your live video feed, you can stay comfortable and place your bets electronically from your chosen gaming location.

Intrigued? Give it a spin.