N1 Player Sees Big Win On Mahjong 88

N1 Player Sees Big Win On Mahjong 88 ( Click to Enlarge )

N1 Casino has confirmed that one lucky player recently scooped a huge win on the popular Mahjong 88 game. This engaging video slot title is based on the classic tile game Mahjong. In it, players have to match up the tiles on-screen to hit winning combinations. That is certainly what this lucky player did when he logged on recently.

Huge €130k Win From One Spin

Details released from the online casino about their latest big winner makes the story even more amazing. It has been confirmed that the win was for a tidy €130k and came from one single spin with a €50 stake!

To hit this sort of reward from only one spin is something that dreams are made of for every online slot player. To actually hear of it happening in real life is quite something.

Action Streamed Live As It Unfolded

The story does not end there though! As befitting our modern times, the player actually streamed his win live as it occurred.

As the reels kept spinning, awestruck onlookers couldn’t believe what they were seeing via the live stream the player had set up. By the time the reels had settled on the massive win, it had taken under 3 hours of playing to happen.

Naturally, the player himself was excited but just as revved up were the people who had been watching him pull it off.

As the winnings kept growing, the buzz in the streaming chat room was off the scale as more joined in.

Doubters Will Doubt

An interesting aside to this story is what the winning player said at the end. Upon collecting his winnings, those watching heard him say “doubters will doubt” before ending the stream.

While no one is sure exactly what he meant by this, it may be a reference to people close to him not believing playing online slots would pay off. It is pretty sure they will change their minds now though!

What this exciting story does show is that anything is possible when you play online slots. While wins like this do not happen all the time, this tale is proof that they can occur. Big wins like this do usually require bigger initial stakes though which is why joining an online casino with a good welcome bonus is key.

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