Neko Games Content Added to Microgaming Platform

Neko Games Content Added to Microgaming Platform ( Click to Enlarge )

A new software developer has had games added to the platform used by Microgaming. This time, it comes in the form of Neko Games, a newer company based out of Buenos Aires that’s offering something a bit different than most contributors to the Quickfire offering.

Neko Games Gains Microgaming Deal

A deal was announced recently that has Neko Games getting their games on the Microgaming Quickfire software platform. This is a big deal for the company obviously, and it will give players an opportunity to get in on the action with something a bit different than they’re used to.

Something critical to know about this developer is that they make games that are different than the usual offering.

While any up and coming developer would love to have a deal like this to increase their distribution with a major name like Microgaming, there’s a bit more to the story because of the unique selling points that this software provider brings to the table.

On top of all of that, you have the players who are ultimately the biggest winners in all of this because they will get even more content added that they can’t find anywhere else.

Details on This Deal

This particular deal is really straightforward. Microgaming will be adding titles from Neko Games to their Quickfire platform. This includes their very first title, which is called Super Showball.

Super Showball is an interesting game in that it’s based on a localized style of bingo popular in Brazil. This style of game uses 90 balls, much like what you see in North America as well with their most popular bingo games. However, the volatility is high, and you have chances to take down some pretty substantial prizes in the process.

One thing worth noting is that Neko Games seems focused on exploring new game mechanics instead of just copying the usual thing that you see from the video slots genre in general. That’s the kind of diversity of experience that Microgaming looks to bring to their players, so it’s not surprising that they were able to come to terms for a deal.

The Importance of Microgaming’s Strategy

This deal is another in a string of signings of smaller, lesser-known companies that Microgaming has been making for their Quickfire platform for a long time. The basic idea is that the established software developers have generally made content distribution agreements with as many major platforms as they can, which includes names like the Microgaming Quickfire platform.

The problem is that this means each major platform ends up with a large number of the same games since these deals tend to not be exclusive. To get around this and add something fresh and special to their lineup, Microgaming has been signing dozens of smaller, up and coming software developers from all around the world so that they can get titles that aren’t available anywhere else (since these contracts are virtually always exclusive).

The Players Ultimately Win Big

When a deal like this happens, the first thing that business-minded individuals will do is try to figure out who wins and who loses overall.

Microgaming wins here as they continue to add fresh content to their Quickfire platform with a developer that shows a lot of promise in a market that hasn’t been fully penetrated by most forms of online gambling.

On the other hand, Neko Games wins by getting their titles in front of a larger audience than they would have otherwise. That will up their stock substantially while they bring in more money than they would have trying to form their own overall online casino platform, which isn’t really something that new companies are feasibly able to do anymore.

But ultimately, it’s the players who win. This is for a few reasons, but one is that this increases the reach of Neko Games’ portfolio so that players can more easily access the high-level content that they seem to be producing. On top of that, it means more competition between software developers, which forces everyone to step up their game and offer players something better and better over time.