Net Entertainment Releases Brand New Strolling Staxx Online Slot

Net Entertainment Releases Brand New Strolling Staxx Online Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest release in Net Entertainment’s Staxx Series is the Strolling Staxx video slot. This game has a unique re-spin feature that involves stacked symbols sliding across the screen giving you free chances at several wins per spin. On top of that, there’s an optional side bet that expands this feature into something even bigger.

An Addition to the Staxx Series of Slots

Net Entertainment‘s slot quality is something that you basically just can’t question at this point. Anyone who has enjoyed their games and seen what the industry as a whole has to offer can tell you that NetEnt’s slots are in the highest tier of titles that exists. However, something that does not get as much attention is how good they are about putting together coherent series of games.

This includes their Staxx Series, which brings us to the latest addition to this set of games: Strolling Staxx. At first glance, you might think that this is just another fruit machine-style throwback game with classic slot motifs in a video slot format. If you look just a little deeper, however, you’ll see that it has some key game mechanics that we have never seen before in an online slot.

Introducing Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruit

The full name for this new title includes a key visual motif: fruit that look like they’re straight out of a cube factory. It’s a cool 3D effect that creates a different feel than what people would normally see in a game with a fruit motif, and that look actually plays into the feature set of the game.

The main bonus feature has to do with the name of the game in the first place. There are stacked symbols that can appear on the reels, which includes the wild symbol, and if you get a full stack to cover an entire reel on the five-by-three grid, then you’ll activate this re-spins based feature.

After paying out any wins normally, the stack that activated the feature will move one spot to the left and allow all of the other symbols to re-spin for free for more chances to get paid. This happens over and over until the stack is completely off of the screen. However, if you pick up another full stack somewhere on the reels in the meantime, then the feature will continue until those symbols are off of the screen as well.

Side Bets and Other Features

In another feature that pairs up well with the re-spins feature noted above, you can get giant 2×2 or 3×3 symbols on the reels. When they appear, they cover up the entire set of reels they land on to give you access to the re-spins with multiple stacks of symbols on the reels beside of each other.

And that brings us to the side bet. With the side bet or bonus bet activated, you’ll get more value from the re-spins feature. It costs an extra five coins (taking your total wager from 10 coins to 15 coins), and it gives you a chance to pick up an extra stacked symbol on the reels whenever you trigger the re-spins. This means you’ll come up with more multi-stack situations with the re-spins feature activated, and as that moves to the left, that’s a lot of extra wins that will rack up as a result.

The Staxx Series Continues On

We’re glad to see NetEnt getting 2019 started with new releases in their own series, and this game comes as a continuation of what Neon Staxx and Butterfly Staxx started. It’s a great title with a lot of excitement and some gameplay mechanics that haven’t been used much (if any) before. As a result, it’s the kind of thing that we can see players really getting into in a major way.