NetBet Casino Adds BlueRibbon Gamification Platform

NetBet Casino Adds BlueRibbon Gamification Platform ( Click to Enlarge )

The gamification platform from BlueRibbon is to be added to NetBet Casino’s selection of titles. This will give players jackpots and other personalized promotions to go after. As a result, a whole new level of deals and ways to have fun while playing will be opened up.

BlueRibbon Gamification Added to NetBet Casino

Gamification is the process of added extra game-like features to an existing platform. BlueRibbon is a company that specializes in this, and they are adding their platform to NetBet Casino. This is exciting news for players who want something a bit different than what they’re used to.

A variety of extra ways to have fun and get paid will be added as a result of this deal.

This level of gamification is not widely used in the online casino industry. While some sites use it to some degree, BlueRibbon is a specialist. That means that players will get something really special at NetBet Casino because of this deal. This type of thinking outside of the box and offering players additional incentives is a key component to their mission to be a leader in the online casino industry. However, it’s ultimately the players who will win from these expanded options.

Details on What’s Available

There are a few things about this agreement that players will be really interested to know about. First, and probably the first thing that most players will ask, it doesn’t matter which supplier is involved. Each individual game, no matter who made it, can be included as a part of this platform. That’s one of the things that makes this such an interesting deal and what makes BlueRibbon so great.

Second, players may want to know what types of prizes and rewards will be available. We don’t have any specific details on everything that will be available just yet. However, we do know that special jackpots will be made available as a part of this implementation. That means more ways to get paid playing the games that you’re already enjoying. More action and more ways to win are always something to look forward to.

Finally, this platform will be incorporated into all new titles added to NetBet Casino. Once again, that’s regardless of the developer that creates the games in the first place.

What This Means for Players

The main thing to keep in mind here is that the whole idea behind gamification is to make the experience more fun, and that can include a variety of things. For one, players will get special jackpots that they can qualify for and win through their usual play. That’s obviously something that everyone will get behind. It’s essentially free money for playing games that you were already going to play.

However, other things can be put in place like achievement systems and other goodies. Again, we don’t know everything that will be involved with this particular implementation yet. However, BlueRibbon is an industry leader in gamification in the general sense. That means that it’s particularly doubtful that players will be disappointed in what gets added.

About NetBet Casino

One of the oldest sites still running today, NetBet has been around since 2001. They have licenses from both the United Kingdom and the Malta Gaming Authority. However, they also operate in a variety of other licensed jurisdictions. This puts them in the same tier as the other most trusted and most qualified brands in the industry.

A big reason they have been able to stay relevant for so long is that they are always staying on the cutting edge. That’s what we see with this deal with BlueRibbon, and we’ve seen it in other things they’ve done over the past two decades as well. It’s clear that they are a top name with tons of games from a variety of top-tier providers. This deal just cements what industry experts have already known about this brand for a long time.