NetEnt Introduces Network Branded Casino Live Dealer Option

NetEnt Introduces Network Branded Casino Live Dealer Option ( Click to Enlarge )

Net Entertainment has extended themselves once again on the live dealer side of the equation. This time, it comes by way of what they’re calling the Network Branded Casino. This is an additional live dealer option that gives players and operators more choices to customize their experience and to have things go a little bit smoother in terms of actual gameplay and switching between games.

Net Entertainment on the Live Dealer Kick

The live dealer sector of the online casino industry has traditionally been dominated by the company Evolution Gaming. They’ve taken down awards for over a decade for being the top option, but a couple of years ago, Net Entertainment decided to start to try to take them on, and they’ve taken a fair amount of ground in that time.

NetEnt’s latest attempt to pull market share in the live dealer sector is their new Network Branded Casino concept.

This new way of handling the live dealer product gives players a lot of extra options to have a smoother experience while simultaneously offering a very high level of service and access to some of the best games that the industry has to offer.

What is the Network Branded Casino Option?

The Network Branded Casino, or NBC for short, is a live dealer casino option that gives operators a few levels of customization for their own brand. Their branding can appear on backgrounds and other parts of the set if they opt for one of the higher-level packages that are available, but they can also go with the entry-level option that just has generic casino backgrounds instead.

We can see why the operator would want their branding on these types of things, but we’re not sure how much the players care about that one way or the other.

The games themselves will be broken up into two rooms, and those rooms can be navigated between by the players without having to exit to the lobby. This might sound like a small thing to people who don’t usually get in on the live dealer tables, but it will save a lot of time and make it tremendously smoother to enjoy a session that involves multiple games.

The Two Rooms

This particular product is very heavily blackjack-oriented. In the one room will be a blackjack table for VIPs along with a pair of additional blackjack tables. In the second room, players will have Common Draw Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack available in addition to a roulette table.

Common Draw Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack are games only available with Net Entertainment, and Perfect Blackjack actually just came out originally a short time ago. It’s clear that they have been planning out the order in which they unfold their live dealer content for them to have included that title in their NBC.

Since players can flow freely from table to table and from room to room, this creates a situation where it’s easy to switch between games if you want, which is sometimes an issue with waiting and loading times if you have to otherwise exit to the lobby when changing games.

Long-term Strategy

As we can see from the staging of Perfect Blackjack and the Network Branded Casino product, it’s clear that Net Entertainment has a long-term strategy that they are focusing on for the live dealer sector. It’ll be really interesting to see how well they can pull off some kind of takeover in the live dealer market or if Evolution Gaming (and other smaller companies) will be able to hold their ground.

In either case, it’s the players who ultimately win because this type of competition will push both companies to really try to come out with the best products and experiences for players that they can in order to get an edge against each other.