New 9 Tigers Slot From Wazdan Roars Into Life

New 9 Tigers Slot From Wazdan Roars Into Life ( Click to Enlarge )

Top iGaming software provider Wazdan is sending a brand new slot game roaring into casinos. 9 Tigers is a game of yin and yang that is inspired by the mysticism of the orient and will see players try to earn their stripes by taking on the tigers of the title.

Take A Trip To The Temple To Search For Tigers

The visuals that a slot game offers are just as important to its success as the promise of payouts and Wazdan has pulled out all the stops for 9 Tigers.

The setting for this three-reel slot is an ancient Chinese temple and gardens, and everything from that to the tigers is captured in vibrant visuals that immerse you in its world from the start.

Uniting the two tiger reel icons that symbolise the elements water and fire – or yin and yang – is the purpose of the game.

The journey in search of this will see you given the chance to unleash your divine power, which you can use to claim control over these two tigers.

This harmonises the elements and is the key to picking up prize payouts.

Find The Tiger’s Twin For A Bonus

This slot comes with an additional game called Tigers Bonus and it has the potential to win you up to 1000-times what you originally bet on it.

The idea behind this game is pretty similar to the main one, with players required to use the ancient spirit guides to find a ferocious tiger that will balance out the tame one and create harmony.

It is a quality bonus game that benefits from the same snazzy graphics as the rest of the slot.

Unique Custom Features

One unusual aspect of 9 Tigers is that it provides you with different game playing modes to tailor your tiger trail.

The Big Screen Mode lets you blow everything up in size, while the Ultra-Fast Mode allows you to crank up the play to high speed so you maximise the reel spins.

Announcing the launch of this game, Wazdan Sales Head Andrzej Hyla, said:

We are proud of what the team has created with 9 Tigers. This is an excellent slot game with fantastic graphics and best-in-class features, which we are sure players and our partners alike are going to enjoy.