New Agreement Seen With Playtech and the Responsible Gaming Council

New Agreement Seen With Playtech and the Responsible Gaming Council ( Click to Enlarge )

The Responsible Gaming Council, known as the RGC for short, has come to a new agreement with gambling software juggernaut Playtech to help strengthen how the industry offers safeguards for players, tools for mental health and accessibility for getting that help for those who may need it.

Playtech Makes New Agreement With Responsible Gaming Council

For thousands of years across thousands of cultures, we have seen that gambling is an integral part of human society that seems to pop up in some shape or form no matter when or where people are located. We see this in everything from simple wagers on foot races in the earliest bits of recorded history all the way up to online slots in modern times.

Unfortunately, there is a small portion of people who have something about them that makes it difficult or impossible to enjoy gambling in a moderated way like the rest of the population.

With this small group, it’s important that they be given the tools they need to avoid gambling and to get the help that they need otherwise so that they do not fall into destructive behaviors. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the companies in the industry to facilitate this.

That’s why the new agreement between Playtech and the Responsible Gaming Council is so important.

What This Agreement Is All About

Playtech is one of the biggest software companies to ever exist in the gambling space in general, and they’re probably the single largest (second largest at worst) to ever exist in the online gambling sector specifically. As a result, they are in a unique position to give insight and to use the data they have collected about player behavior to identify ways to offer help and assistance to those who need it the most within the industry.

This agreement is all about making advances toward improving mental health and general well-being regarding gambling over the Internet by combining the tools and information that these two entities have available. The idea is to further build toward an overall culture in the industry that centers around responsible gambling and offering tools and help to those who cannot gamble in moderation through no fault of their own.

This is exactly what is needed to keep the industry as safe as possible and to make getting help as easy and accessible as it can be made.

The Construction of Industry Best Practices

One specific goal of this collaboration is the development of best practices in the industry when it comes to handling the mental health side of things for players. While different companies and different regulatory jurisdictions handle this in different ways, one of the things we have been lacking is an overall agreement about what constitutes the best ways to offer help to players and what the best forms of help actually are in terms of what’s effective.

This isn’t an easy task to undertake. For example, you have to balance the forms of help that actually help once the player engages with them with getting problem gamblers to engage in the first place.

That’s why it’s so critical for them to combine their efforts and data that have been collected over the past two or three decades to see what can be done to offer more to the most vulnerable among us in the online gambling industry.

A Sustainable Future

There are a lot of reasons to do this sort of thing, especially with the development of industry best practices, and they range from practical and business-oriented to moral reasons. With that said, the sustainability of the industry is one major issue from a practical standpoint.

We know historically that the more that problem gambling is left untreated, the more that regulators crack down on gambling activities. This is a good thing because it provides incentives for gambling companies, software or operator or otherwise, to give their best to their players.


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