New Back to Venus Slot Released by Betsoft

New Back to Venus Slot Released by Betsoft ( Click to Enlarge )

A new title released by Betsoft goes back to their roots to some degree as the sequel to one of their most popular titles of all time. With the Back to Venus online slot, you’ll be able to revisit the craziness of the original It Came From Venus game about a plant that came from outer space and your goal of protecting him on your farm.

Back to Venus Brings a Great Look

Betsoft has been known for a long time for making titles that look amazing, and that’s what you’re definitely going to be getting with the Back to Venus video slot. It’s a part of their Slots3 line, which most of their new releases are, that features extensive 3-D graphics.

For years, the Slots3 line has been considered the series of slots with the best graphics in the industry, and this game is no exception.

The plant protagonist is the main character and looks great, and you’ll see other characters and symbols like from the original. The plot this time is that the planet has been saved, but now it’s trying to get back to its home world of Venus, and that’s going to require some rocket work.

Feature Set

Most games from this developer center around styles of play that have a ton of features, and that’s the case for this one as well. Back to Venus brings players some new ways to win with a re-spin feature that’s based on a concept we can’t remember having ever seen before.

The idea here is that you’ll have the reels spin over and over until you hit a win on a randomly selected symbol. That gives plenty of extra opportunities to get paid, and that’s something that players will definitely get behind.

On top of that, you can try to ride a rocket to Venus in the free spins mode. You’ll have sticky asteroid wild symbols during this mode, which means that there will be more wilds on the screen on average toward the end of your feature. Everyone knows that more wilds means more chances to win, so it’s something worth getting excited about.

The Legacy of This Title

There’s a lot of importance that can’t be understated when it comes to the release of this game. The original It Came From Venus video slot was something that really set the standard for what certain ideas and concepts had to be if they wanted to be competitive in the industry as a whole, and Betsoft really set the tone for what the next wave of video slot innovations would be with games that came out in the same time period.

Now that they are coming back with a sequel that’s, in our opinion, a bit better than the original, what they’re showing is that they will not be topped at what they do best, which is putting together tremendous online slots that bring players an excellent combination of visual appeal and gameplay with strong features.

Stylistic Decisions of Betsoft

Something we really like about this title is that it’s very stylistic of the type of game development that we’ve seen from this developer. The Back to Venus online slot focuses very heavily on the features and gives you plenty of opportunities to hit big wins and multiple wins at the same time with what it brings to the table.

This is the style of play that the majority of Betsoft’s slots portfolio will bring you. However, there’s a bit more to it since they obviously don’t do the same thing each time. Instead, they customize the feature set in a way that it fits the theme of the title, and that’s what they’ve done here. The end result is that you get extremely immersive experiences.

Overall, you can see a lot of the style that Betsoft brings to the table in this game. However, it’s not really quite like anything else they’ve put together before, and that includes even the game that it’s a sequel to. We really like how they’re able to keep things stylistic while never really coming out with multiple games that are that close to being the same, and their newest release is yet another example of that.