New German Regulations Met by Microgaming

New German Regulations Met by Microgaming ( Click to Enlarge )

New regulations are going into effect for online casinos in Germany. They include some sweeping changes that have been seen nowhere else. Along these lines, Microgaming is leading the charge in taking them on and making the proper adjustments. Here we’ll break down what these adjustments are and what they mean for the industry.

The Regulatory Situation in Germany

Things have been changing in Germany for a while now on the regulatory front. The country has proposed new regulations on the online gambling industry, and they’re pretty big. One of the biggest changes is a specific license for operating online slots.

The specific changes aren’t coming into effect until July of 2021. However, Microgaming is leading the charge in terms of getting in compliance way ahead of time.

This is the type of thing that we have come to expect of this developer. They have always been on the cutting edge from both a software and a regulatory standpoint. As a result, they will most likely have an easy foothold in Germany once these changes become official. With that said, the new rules are probably going to ruffle some feathers because they’re so different than anywhere else.

Specific Changes to Regulations

As we mentioned above, an online slots-specific license is being introduced. This is the main thing that Microgaming is going after with their own adjustments. Some of the changes being introduced next July include the following:

  • A minimum interval of five seconds must be forced between spins on an online slot.
  • Deposit limits for the total of a calendar month are being added and enforced.
  • A limit on the maximum stakes available is another new item. That specific limit, however, is in flux for the time being.

Adding social responsibility and making it more difficult for people to develop problem gambling habits are the key ideas here. However, this is a major step forward in limiting how people can play the games they want. As a result, some players aren’t going to be particularly happy with it. In any event, that’s where things are heading, and only some of the minor details are up for debate at this point.

Microgaming Moving In

We noted above that Microgaming is leading the charge on this. One reason for the early adoption is that Germany is allowing certain operators to get in on the action early if they are in compliance. Licenses aren’t actually being issued until July of 2021, but there’s a period of tolerance underway currently.

It’s also worth noting that operators that continue to run without trying to become compliant run risk of not being allowed to be licensed later on.

In any event, it’s clear that Microgaming is an industry leader for a reason. They’ve already announced that they will have things ready to go by October 15, 2020. That’s around nine months before the regulations actually go into effect.

At least 150 titles are going to be ready to go at this time. This includes big hits like 9 Masks of Fire, Bonanza and Book of Oz, all made by their software partners. These are some of the latest top hits available on the Microgaming Quickfire platform. It’s easy to see that they are leading with some of their best new titles. That obviously means that new players under these upcoming regulations will have the best that this provider has to offer from the beginning.

The Regulatory Future

A few things are unclear about this regulatory situation in Germany. First, it’s not clear how the industry is going to adjust to this as a whole. Not every company is Microgaming, and they don’t all adjust as well or as quickly. A part of that is that it takes a lot of resources to make major adjustments like this. Another part is that they may not care to stay in Germany after these changes.

Something else to consider is what effect this will have on global regulations. Other countries, the United Kingdom in particular, may be prone to adjusting things to match what Germany is doing. The five-second interval in particular is something that comes to mind, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens on that front.

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