Embark On An Odyssey With Playson’s New Game

Embark On An Odyssey With Playson’s New Game ( Click to Enlarge )

While it may have taken Odysseus ten years to return from his travels, players can join him on his journey today in the latest Casino Slot game from Playson entertainment.

The recently released game is an online slot-machine that replicates the famous adventurer’s journey to return to his homeland and the perils he encounters along the way – though in this game, you have to worry less about sirens and sorceresses and more about maximising your win potential with each game.

What Makes Odyssey Special?

‘Odyssey’ presents players with a generous but standard five-reel, 30 play-line proposition as found in many other competitors in the sector. However, this is where things soon start to deviate from the standard fare!

The game offers a highly flexible betting methodology, allowing punters to place anything from 30p to £150 on a spin – letting you comfortably work within your budget and allowing you to have an occasional spin when time permits or when waiting between hands in game of online poker or other casino games.

However, simple flexibility is not enough when it comes to the world of online casinos. Playson knows this and this is why they have focused on the power of free spins for their latest games.

These can be gathered when the slot pulls down three or more of the game’s scatter symbols, embodying Odysseus’ vessel being blown by the four winds.

Represented by Athena, the God who protected him throughout his voyage, three symbols secure a free spin of the slots, four netting you twenty-five spins, and a (very) lucky five granting you a staggering hundred free spins of the slots.

Odysseus slot game
Surrounded in an engaging narrative wrapper, the game has been going from strength to strength. The game is available to play online and on the Android app store, where it is currently sitting at four stars from a hundred reviewers – giving you more than enough reason to give it a spin and see what the fuss is all about.

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