The Ouroboros online slot is a proprietary title produced exclusively for Shadowbet Casino. While this game offers classic slot-style gameplay, it’s based around giving you promotions and prizes that can be used in the rest of the casino instead of a traditional setup where you win prizes that are awarded within the game itself.

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An Introduction to Ouroboros

Shadowbet Casino had the Ouroboros slot produced as a way to award special prizes and promotions to players to use within their overall casino environment. As such, this gives players an atypical experience.

Ouroboros Main Screen
Ouroboros Main Screen

We cannot remember having seen something like this ever with any other casino site, which makes this a fairly unique concept.

The idea here is that you’ll play this classic slot and get chances to win different types of prizes ranging from reload bonuses to free spins and other goodies. It’s a different concept than most players will have ever seen before, so you’ll want to look over the rules a time or two before you get started playing.

From a visual standpoint, this game has a simple presentation, but it looks great. There’s a stone appearance to it with one reel spinning at a time, and it’s been set up in a way that it’s no more complicated than it needs to be.

Format and Layout

The key thing to understand about this title is that it doesn’t accept wagers like what you would normally see in an online slot. Instead, it’s set up to be a promotional device, so you can win plays on this slot for being a new player or as part of an ongoing promotion for established players at Shadowbet Casino.

Here’s what to expect overall:

  • There are three reels with three symbols showing on each.
  • A typical payline system is not used here. Instead, prizes are determined by individual symbols on individual reels.
  • A double or nothing feature can be available after winning certain prizes like free spins.

Overall, this is clearly an atypical experience, and we’re going to walk you through how the gameplay works in more detail below.

Ouroboros Win Screen
Ouroboros Win Screen

Gameplay and Features

In what follows, we’ll show you how the gameplay for this title unfolds as you play it. It’s a bit different than the usual slot experience, so it’s best to learn about how things are going to go before you play to avoid any type of confusion.

The Gameplay Process

You start by pulling the lever on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you do that, you’ll spin the first reel, and the stone plates will reveal one reel at a time. We’ll get into what all of the individual symbols do further down below, but you’ll eventually be given a prize.

If you draw free spins or a cash win, then you will have the option to collect your prize or play a double or nothing round. If you win this round, you double or prize, but if you lose, then you finish with nothing.

Once the play is over, there will be instructions that show up on the screen that will show you how to claim your prize.

Ouroboros Symbol Set
Ouroboros Symbol Set

The Available Symbols of Ouroboros

A number of different symbols can show up in this game, and we’re going to walk you through what they all mean.

  • Free Spins – The free spins symbol is a hand with a number in the middle. Each of these free spins will be worth €0.10 apiece on a game of your choice or a game chosen for you at Shadowbet Casino.
  • Coins – This is a simple coin symbol with a number in the middle. Each coin is worth €1 each.
  • Reload Bonus – The reload bonus symbol is a larger circle with arrows pointing up and down. You’ll get a percentage match shown in this circle worth a maximum of €100.
  • Surprise Chest – The chest symbol gives you a random win from any of the above three options.
  • Right Arrow – This moves you to the reel one spot to the right.
  • Left Arrow – This moves play to one reel to the left.
  • Extra Spin – This is a circle with three arrows and awards an additional spin.
  • Conquistador – This means you’ll lose everything that you have won and is shaped like a square shirt or jacket.

As you can see, there are a number of symbols with different meanings, but they don’t create winning combinations like most slots. Instead, you only need one of them to win.

Ouroboros Symbol Set
Ouroboros Symbol Set

How to Win at Ouroboros

Because there are no betting options in this game, you don’t have any way to really affect your chances of winning on the Ouroboros slot. Instead, you should look at it as a free chance or opportunity to pick up some value that can be added to your bankroll without having to risk anything for it.


The Ouroboros online slot is definitely something different, and it’s a title that looks great while still delivering on an atypical style of gameplay. Shadowbet Casino had a good idea when it came to producing this slot, and we’re sure that players will enjoy having free chances to take down some serious prizes when they play it.


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