PBET Launching Initiative To Merge Online And Physical Gambling

PBET Launching Initiative To Merge Online And Physical Gambling ( Click to Enlarge )

A large number of real-world casino gamblers also dabble in online gambling. Though people still spend more on average in brick-and-mortar casinos, the current growth of online casino gaming is unprecedented, but there is still little effort to connect the two.

PBET is trying to fill this gap with a crypto-based unified gaming platform. It aims to assist physical casinos with a simple solution to extend into the online gaming world, and interested parties can currently participate at a 45% discount rate on tokens that will go to use immediately once the ICO is completed.

Ready To Take Off

PBET already possesses a largely commercialised product in its casino management system that is currently deployed in nearly two dozen venues across four countries.

The product is already at an advanced stage and is ready to be immediately implemented with rapid growth potential. PBET anticipate a high demand from their existing client base which will increase exponentially due to the advantages for token holders.

The PBET Token will work as payment between actors of the land-based and online ecosystem.

It can resolve online gaming high transaction fees, allow a simple and secure payment method for travelling players, and create a seamless means of payment between partners within the PBET ecosystem.

PBET is well-positioned to bring the worlds of online and offline gambling together. The objectives have been set, and the road map is detailed, allowing contributors to visualise the benefits and potential of this unified gaming platform.

Created By Experts

The company has the backing of a team of seasoned casino and gaming professionals, with everyone focused on pursuing something that will be of genuine benefit to the gaming world.

There will be a drive to partner with physical casinos to offer online gaming to high-value players for a fraction of what online players would normally pay.

Furthermore, there will be no transaction fees and immediate payments for casinos and players alike.

The unique Unified Gaming models is the foundation of generating synergies between the channels while integrating cryptocurrency payments and combining partners in the token-based Reward Club.

The pre-sale has launched at a discounted rate to maximise returns for early contributors.