Perfect Blackjack Strategy Plays Automated

Perfect Blackjack Strategy Plays Automated ( Click to Enlarge )

Does the prospect of playing a few games of perfect Blackjack tantalise your taste buds? Well, you can now gorge yourself on a feast of online betting thanks to NetEnt. The Swedish online casino game software giant has just announced a new addition to its portfolio. Yes, that’s right; it is a game called Perfect Blackjack.

The entire worldwide network of online casinos that host live games from NetEnt on their websites are now rolling out a brand-new version of the popular game of Blackjack.

It’s based on the much-loved game, but with a unique twist – a twist that has led NetEnt to calling their new baby, “Perfect Blackjack.”

Pegging Back The House Edge

One of the things that online casino players love about Blackjack is the fact that it is one of those card games where the decision’s they make have a significant impact on the edge the house holds.

Electing when to make a hit, when to stand or split or double-up really affects both the player and the casino.

Over the many years that Blackjack lovers have been playing the game, they have evolved a number of strategies for dealing with the various scenarios.

These solutions have been grouped together, and they form the optimal Blackjack strategy.

The problem is that to successfully make use of these strategies means having to learn them by rote or having them listed down on a sheet of paper which you must then keep with you.

Up until now, that is. Perfect Blackjack does away with all that. It automatically plays each hand according to perfect strategy guidelines.

Minimise The Edge – Automatically

The fact that each hand is played to perfect strategy rules results in the house edge on online Blackjack tables being pegged back to just 0.5%.

It means that players needn’t concern themselves about whether they’ve made good or bad decisions. It also gives them the freedom to pick up the strategy simply by observing the hands as they are played out.

This new Perfect Blackjack game has an auto-play feature built into it. It allows players to get dealt a new hand automatically. They can also decide whether to engage in auto splitting or doubling in accordance with what perfect strategy dictates.

NetEnt thinks this new product will go down a storm with players because it allows them to use perfect strategy without all the hassle of having to learn all of its ins and outs. Why not try it and see? See a list of NetEnt Casinos here.