Play’N Go Announces New Game of Gladiators Video Slot

Play’N Go Announces New Game of Gladiators Video Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest title to be announced by game developer Play’N Go is Game of Gladiators, a video slot that brings players to the Roman Colosseum with gladiators facing off against each other and wonderful beasts. This game brings players into the historical fold with excellent graphics and a set of features and bonus rounds that add a tremendous amount of value to the pay schedule.

Step Into the Colosseum

If you were about to step into the Roman Colosseum centuries ago, then chances were that you wouldn’t have a great day. Thankfully, we aren’t sending people off to fight each other to the death for our entertainment anymore, but the Game of Gladiators online slot by Play’N Go makes the most of this historical period with opportunities to win some pretty sizable payouts.

If you love Roman-themed games or titles with a lot of action, then this is definitely the slot for you.

What’s especially important to point out is that this game has great graphics and gameplay instead of simply relying on one or the other, which is the hallmark of titles produced by Play’N Go and is why they have maintained such a serious level of popularity for so long.

The Primus Attack Special Features

The highest ranking gladiators were called primus palus, and this game pays homage to that with the Primus Attack special features. Most of these happen as the reels are spinning at random:

  • Enraged Tigers – Two reels are randomly selected to turn completely wild with the tiger wild symbols.
  • Sword Attacks – The first reel stops, and then the second and third reels clone it to match it with random chances for the fourth and fifth reels to do the same thing for forced wins.
  • Net Attacks – After the reels stop and regular wins are paid out, one gladiator symbol on the reels is held in place while all of the other symbols spin to give you a free re-spin.
  • Spear Attacks – Between three and six spears hit the reels, and each place where the spears hit turn into wild tiger symbols.
  • Fame – After your spin is completed, you’ll have all of the symbols of fame accumulated to give you a payout based on the secondary battle pay table.

As you can see, there are several bonus features that can happen on any given spin without having to line up any particular reels to do so.

The Arena

The Arena is another feature-based part of the gameplay that you enter by getting three scatters on the reels at once; they only appear on the first, third and fifth reels.

When you get here, you’ll choose between Spartacus and Amazonia as one of your two champions. You’ll get free spins as the battle goes on, and the longer they last, the more free spins you earn and the more opportunities for multipliers of 2x or 3x you get. This is clearly a value-packed feature, and it’s made even more valuable by the fact that there is no maximum to the number of free turns you can get.

Play’N Go Bringing Hot Titles

If there’s one thing this software company knows how to do, it’s produce action-oriented online slots that bring players a lot to get excited about. That’s the case with the Game of Gladiators slot, which has a theme that’s tough for a developer because there have been so many games released that have similar motifs.

Play’N Go has risen to the challenge, however, and they’ve shown that they’re very serious about making sure that they stand out from the crowd in any sub-genre. This type of thing is exactly what has made them stand out among other similar developers in the online slot space, and it’s what has helped them to get so many content distribution deals with some of the biggest names in the business.