Play’n GO Releases Norse-themed Ring of Odin Slot

Play’n GO Releases Norse-themed Ring of Odin Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

Ring of Odin is the latest exciting slot from Play’n GO. Players will find themselves whisked to the mythological land of Asgard, where riches and glory are up for grabs in this magical and mystical adventure.

About Ring of Odin

The game features five reels, three rows and a host of interesting bonuses that will keep players coming back for more.

This video slot is a somewhat ambitious undertaking for Play’n GO. When a gaming company chooses to base a title around a figure as powerful as Odin, anything less than excellence would immediately detract from the experience.

Fortunately, Play’n GO was up to the challenge, and they have delivered a slot that contains breathtaking visuals, a compelling soundtrack and enough bonus features to keep a constant level of excitement going.

The game has an immersive atmosphere with entrancing music, a thematically stormy background and a clean, detailed playing grid.

This slot can be played on both desktop and mobile devices, and it is available at any online casino that offers Play’n GO titles.


Every symbol used in this game has a basis in ancient Norse mythology, and the graphics are absolutely stunning. It is clear that Play’n GO put time and effort into creating a slot that is meant to stand the test of time.

All of the game’s low-paying symbols are represented by Nordic runes on blue, red, purple and green stones.

For the upper tier symbols, players will see Gungnir, the legendary spear of Odin that cannot miss its target; his eight-legged horse Sleipnir; Huginn and Munin, his two messenger ravens; and his fearsome wolf guards Geri and Freki.

An image of the omnipotent and imposing Odin serves as the wild for the game, and his all-seeing Eye is used as the scatter symbol that will trigger free spins.


There are three main features of this game: Odin’s Ring, Foresight free spins and Draupnir respins.

The Odin’s Ring bonus can be triggered at random during any normal spin. His Ring will appear in the center of the screen, and whichever symbol lands inside of it when the reels stop is the “chosen” symbol. This symbol will be used to determine the number of respins players get in the next bonus round of Draupnir respins.

Draupnir is the name of Odin’s legendary Ring, and its power lies in its ability to duplicate itself. This is the basis of the bonus. During the Odin’s Ring feature, Draupnir splits into nine rings to cover the middle three reels. This means that players can get up to nine respins with each bonus spin depending on how many chosen symbols land within the Rings.

Finally, the Foresight free spins are awarded when three Eye of Odin symbols appear on the first, third or fifth reels. This gives a player four spins, and every Eye that lands during these spins adds an additional turn, so players can potentially earn a big bonus here.

In addition to the regular free spin minigame, players can also trigger multiplier free spins during the Odin’s Ring bonus. If a scatter symbol lands within the Ring, players get four multiplier free spins, and every additional scatter symbol that appears on reels 2, 3 or 4 inside of Odin’s Rings during these spins adds one to the multiplier with a maximum of nine.

An interesting thing to note about this slot is that multiple bonus features can be activated together. Respins will always happen first, and free spins will come after.


It won’t surprise anyone in the industry that Play’n GO has produced yet another winning video slot. Their reputation for creating beautiful and exciting online casino games is well-established by this point.

Ring of Odin has a rich atmosphere, visually enticing graphics and just the right amount of bonus features to hold players’ interest for hours of entertainment.