Playson Expands Further in Regulated German Market With Platin Casino

Playson Expands Further in Regulated German Market With Platin Casino ( Click to Enlarge )

The German regulated online gambling market is a hotbed of competition right now. Playson has shown that they are up to the challenge with another bit of expansion in the region. Their new deal with Platin Casino will get their titles in front of even more players.

Platin Casino the Latest to Link Up With Playson in Germany

Something we’re seeing all over Europe and other parts of the world is fierce competition in regulated markets. Germany is one of the places seeing the most of this, and Playson is leading the way with the aggression in this arena.

They’ve shown this once again with a new distribution agreement with Platin Casino.

This agreement is something that we can’t say we’re surprised by. Playson has been particularly aggressive in the German market, and they clearly want to establish themselves as a leading software provider there. At the same time, this is a part of a growing trend among top online casino software companies.

Everything is about getting their titles in front of as many players as they can. As such, this level of competition and aggressive maneuvering in these markets is a key component of their overall strategy.

The Role of Platin Casino in These Plans

First off, we want to point out that Platin Casino is a pretty serious contender in the regulated German market. This is a casino that’s one of the clear top operators in the region. Additionally, they’re known for being aggressive themselves when it comes to offering players more and more. This comes in the form of strong promotions, great customer service and software deals like this one.

What Platin gets from this arrangement is pretty clear. They want to have as many top-tier games as they can get, and Playson is an excellent provider along these lines.

Playson Continuing to Extend Their Reach

Everything that Playson wants to achieve in their incremental expansion can be found in this deal. Their entire slot portfolio will be included right away, as soon as everything can be done to integrate their titles. Additionally, future releases will be made available as soon as possible. For now, this includes recent slots like Joker’s Coins: Hold and Win as well as Book del Sol: Multiplier.

The German market is really just starting to heat up in the grand scheme of things. However, Playson isn’t playing around when it comes to making sure that they get as big of a piece of the market as they can. This type of content distribution agreement is unlikely to be the last one we see in Germany from Playson. In fact, it’s unlikely to be the last one they do in 2022 for that matter.

How Increased Aggression in Regulated Markets Helps Players

The main thing to understand from this type of agreement is that players are coming out way ahead as a result of it. The reason for this is simple: Increased competition always raises the bar for what players can expect.

You can see more than one way this manifests in this particular deal. For one, Playson’s portfolio includes top-tier titles that are on par with the best you can find in the world. When Platin Casino adds their games, that puts pressure on other providers to produce great titles. Additionally, it puts the pressure on other providers to have a great game selection for players to pick from in the first place.

Along these lines, it’s something that players should absolutely celebrate as a big win. The more this happens, it’s not just German players that benefit. Additionally, this raises the bar for the entire industry, so players all over the world benefit in a serious way. As a result, we’re glad to see more agreements like this one that spread the best that the industry has to offer. The more that this happens, the better we see incremental progress and quality for players.