PlayStar and Intelitics Join Forces in New Jersey Market

PlayStar and Intelitics Join Forces in New Jersey Market ( Click to Enlarge )

PlayStar has announced a partnership with top analytics provider Intelitics. PlayStar is slated to enter New Jersey early next year. This agreement will help PlayStar quickly roll out successful campaigns to corner a sizable market share.

Intelitics Teams With PlayStar Ahead Of New Jersey Launch

Intelitics is a leading provider of high-quality analytics and performance marketing tools. This agreement with PlayStar marks a significant milestone for both companies. Additionally, the partnership agreement was signed just ahead of PlayStar’s big New Jersey launch in 2022.

Playstar’s strategic partnership with Intelitics gives them the unique advantage of rolling out data-driven customer acquisition campaigns for gaining better market traction faster.

In anticipation of their New Jersey launch, PlayStar is forming a stellar team with proven track records of success. They hope to make a big splash in the New Jersey market to deliver a top-notch experience to American players. Additionally, this Intelitics partnership is one of the best ways they can achieve this goal.

Intelitics will be providing PlayStar with their high-quality customer acquisition tracking platform. The platform has excellent scalability as well, so tracking will be easy and efficient. Intelitics’ data analysis capabilities will be an integral part of PlayStar’s success strategy. Additionally, the Intelitics platform will allow for successful omnichannel campaigns and customizable services.

The partnership with Intelitics is a calculated move by PlayStar. The company’s current mission is to corner as much of the new United States market as possible. Teaming with Intelitics plays a major role in PlayStar’s overall marketing strategy. In addition, it elevates the quality of experience PlayStar can offer to its U.S. player base.

A Cooperative Effort to Further Both Companies’ Future Growth

PlayStar’s U.S. market strategy is three-pronged. They plan to focus on personalization, engagement and user experience to gain traction in New Jersey and beyond. However, making the Intelitics platform available to all affiliate and marketing partners is key to all three of these areas.

PlayStar’s Chief Business Development Officer, Adam Noble, commented on the newly inked deal:

“Intelitics’ technology fits with our goal of making our players feel like the star of the show from the first moment they engage with our brand, and it will also help us to drive tremendous efficiencies as we continue to scale.”

For PlayStar, this is just one in a series of steps that will give them an advantageous position. For example, in February, PlayStar struck a deal with Atlantic City’s Ocean City Resort. Additionally, this was their first foray into the New Jersey online casino market.

However, in addition to these deals, they also signed an agreement with Maxima Compliance. This ensured that PlayStar had a successful launch in the tightly regulated American gambling market.

Additionally, the deal benefits Intelitics as well. The company has been steadily inking partnerships with a number of U.S. operators. This is a move to help increase brand visibility and create a foundation of trust in the market. Intelitics has been rapidly expanding its foothold in the American online gambling industry with the hope of more future partnerships.

About Intelitics

Intelitics offers an advanced suite of marketing tech and services to the online gaming industry. They have several useful and important analytics tools that provide valuable real-time insights. A few of their most popular tools include a personalized dashboard and a single, multichannel acquisition platform. Top-tier assets like these make it easy for online casino companies to quickly capitalize on data insights.

Regarding the PlayStar alliance, Allan Petrilli, VP of Sales and Growth at Intelitics, said:

“We’re very much looking forward to teaming up with PlayStar and allow[ing] the operator to leverage our industry-leading user-acquisition platform to ensure it gets off to the best possible start in New Jersey.”

When entering such a highly competitive market like the United States, it’s vital to hit the ground running. There is no time for wasted effort or slow data collection. Operators have to know precisely what is effective and where to implement it. This is a major reason why PlayStar’s partnership with Intelitics is such an excellent strategic move.

Intelitics offers all PlayStar affiliates instant access to granular data and real-time trends in a single, streamlined dashboard. In addition, their acquisition tech is entirely customizable. This means that companies like PlayStar have the flexibility to pick and choose how they see important data. Giving online casino brands this level of agility is a key component to their success. This is especially true in fast-paced, highly regulated markets like the United States.