Playtech and Playson Sign Content Distribution Deal

Playtech and Playson Sign Content Distribution Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal between online casino software juggernaut Playtech and large game provider Playson is going to give a lot of players a whole lot of high-quality games to play that they probably didn’t have access to yet. All of this will happen through Playtech’s POP software platform.

Playson Making Big Moves

If you’ve been around the online casino world for long at all, then you know the names Playson and Playtech. Playtech is known for having their hands on just about everything that there is to do with online gambling, and Playson makes some of the best games in the business.

A partnership between the two seems really natural, but for whatever reason, that never really happened before recently.

A big announcement came out recently that told everyone that something big was happening between these two companies. That “something big” was a content distribution agreement that will see Playson’s games show up on Playtech’s POP aggregation and distribution service.

What This Means for These Companies

POP stands for the Playtech Open Platform, and it’s the platform through which they distribute online casino games to tons of top-tier online casinos in the industry. They include a lot of their own games as well as tons of titles from third-party developers they have built relationships with.

Playson is the most recent entry into the latter group, and that means that their games will be in front of tons of new players who already enjoy titles through this platform at some of the hottest sites running today.

The thing to know about this deal that’s so important is that it’s a win-win. Playson gets to put their games in front of a lot more players, and Playtech gets some extremely high-quality titles that already have a bit of a following on their platform. The players win big as well for obvious reasons.

Why This Deal Stands Out

Deals like this happen at least a few times a month between some of the biggest names in the business, so why is this one so important? One of the reasons is the simple fact that both of these companies are so large and so well-known in the industry.

Some industry experts think it’s strange when they never see two companies working with each other, especially if they both have a long history in the industry. However, we think it would be odd to see major developers like Microgaming and Playtech go into a joint venture together (though stranger things have happened in this industry).

Instead, it has to be a situation where the interests of the two involved parties line up. In this scenario, that’s exactly what’s happening since Playtech wants more top-level content for their POP network, and Playson wants more players seeing their games.

The Licensing Issue

One aspect of this that’s easy to miss is that Playson benefits from potentially getting into markets that they were unable to enter previously. This is because Playtech has licenses to operate in a lot of places that Playson does not on their own, but if they’re a part of Playtech’s platform and pass all the tests for the policies of the given jurisdictions, then that’s a whole new way that they can get their titles in front of new players.

Seeing players get more options like this is something that we really enjoy because we are in favor of anything that benefits the people actually playing the games. Increased competition always means that the customer gets a better deal and a better service in the long run, and that’s a lot of what we’re seeing here.

Overall, if you’re a fan of top Playson names like Timeless Fruits, Funky Fruits or Solar Queen, then you’ll be able to get in on the action with these titles through Playtech POP-powered online casinos pretty soon as a result of this agreement. If you’re a slots fan at all, that’s something worth getting excited about.