Playtech Launches New Type of Live Dealer Blackjack

Playtech Launches New Type of Live Dealer Blackjack ( Click to Enlarge )

Despite the suggestions of some people that Playtech has fallen behind the times, they’ve recently come out with a brand new type of live dealer blackjack. This game spices things up quite a bit with a wide range of different available side bets to add more action than this game has had ever before.

New Live Blackjack Tables From Playtech

The newest thing to come to players in the live dealer space is a new blackjack game by Playtech. Known as the All Bets Blackjack Live games, this game is completely jam-packed with new types of side bets.

While some of these side bets have been used here and there before, they’ve never been featured together in these combinations with this much flexibility as to how you want to bet.

You can count on Playtech to really show players that they can come up with a new twist on one of the oldest card games still being regularly played in casinos, and they’ve shown once again that they are always going to stay on top of what’s new in the industry while pushing the envelope and leading the way for others to follow.

Which New Bets Are Available?

There are five different side bets available in the All Bets Blackjack Live dealer blackjack games, and they can be summarized as follows:

Perfect Pairs – The Perfect Pairs side bet is similar to a pairs bet in Baccarat. You can bet on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand forming a pair, and there are payouts available depending on if they are formed by mixed colors, matching colors, matching suits and so on.

Top 3 – If you’ve played three-card poker, you know that there’s a whole different hand ranking system for three-card hands. It’s similar to the system used to combine the dealer’s up card with the two player cards in this game, which is then compared to a pay table to see what you win on this side bet.

21+3 – This is similar to the top 3 wager except the pay table is a bit more flat with smaller payouts at the upper end to smooth out the volatility of the wager.

Lucky Lucky – Yet another side bet based on combinations of the dealer’s up card and the player’s two cards, you can win in different ways for everything from totals of 19-20 that pay 2:1 to triple suited sevens that pay a whooping 200:1.

Dealer Bust – You can bet on the dealer busting on different numbers of cards with payouts worth as much as a ridiculously high 2,000:1.

As you can see, these five side bets offer a lot of variety for a ton of side bet action at this blackjack game.

Competition in the Live Dealer Market

Historically speaking, it’s always been the case that Evolution Gaming really had a stranglehold on the live dealer market. Over the past few years, however, other companies including Pragmatic Play, Net Entertainment and Playtech have started making roads into that piece of the market, and you can see the results of that here.

Innovation has been the name of the game in this particular sector, and we’ve seen new versions of classic games like Baccarat and blackjack show up as a result. What Playtech’s doing here isn’t anything new in the sense of putting atypical spins on blackjack tables, but it is new in that no one has quite done something like this in terms of offering so many different ways to get in on the action at the table.

We’re interested to see how this will take off with players. If our experience is any indication, we know that side bets on table games generate a lot of interest because of how they break up the monotony that can often lead players to move to slots or other games instead, so we expect that they will be popular.