Pragmatic Play Expands in Kenyan Market With Odibets Deal

Pragmatic Play Expands in Kenyan Market With Odibets Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

Pragmatic Play has inked a new deal that will expand their reach in East Africa. This comes with a content distribution agreement with Odibets, a Kenyan online sportsbook and casino. What’s more is that this agreement is for both their regular games and their live dealer offering.

Pragmatic Play Distribution Deal With Odibets Signed

Distribution deals are one of the most important parts of a casino software provider’s business strategy. It allows them to get their games in front of more players at more online operations. This is as critical as providing a high-quality product in the first place, so it’s a pretty big deal that Pragmatic Play has signed such a deal in East Africa.

This deal comes by the way of Odibets. They are an online sportsbook and casino that operates out of a Kenya.

Deals like this are important for a variety of reasons. In particular, when something like this happens in a part of the world that doesn’t exactly have a booming online gambling market, it’s an even bigger deal. That’s pretty much what has happened here and why it’s getting so much attention.

In the grand scheme of things, it opens up a lot of possibilities for the software developer and operator. However, what we really like the most about it is what it does for the player base in the region. This goes far beyond just giving them more games to play in the short-term, as you’ll see below.

Details on This Deal

First off, it’s important to note that this is a part of an overall strategy. This is not at all a one-off deal. Instead, it’s one of many deals Pragmatic Play has made in a short period of time in the region.

With that said, here’s what it covers. Odibets will be receiving the entire slot portfolio for Pragmatic Play. This includes all of their active games, but it also includes new releases. Additionally, this covers their entire live dealer portfolio as well, which may be the most interesting part.

We say this is so interesting because it just goes to show how much of a double threat Pragmatic Play has become. Previously, things would have been all about their great selection of slots. However, with top-tier live dealer titles thrown in the mix over the past few years, they are even more attractive than ever before for deals like this one.

Odibets is getting a lot out of this, and they’ll be giving players a lot of great titles. Additionally, since most of their players have probably never seen these games before, it gives them a big advantage.

What Odibets Brings to the Table

Odibets is a sportsbook (and now online casino) that operates from Kenya. Along these lines, you have to be located in the country to be able to play with them. They’re known for having a really large number of betting markets and for actively pushing for expansion. The latter is something that’s pretty easy to see with their most recent deal with Pragmatic Play.

Overall, they’re one of the main companies pushing to be an online gambling leader in the country. This is a really interesting time for Pragmatic Play to enter the fray there because of the increased competition levels.

Pragmatic Play’s Long-term Strategy

Years ago, when Pragmatic Play was taken over by new management and re-branded itself into its current form, industry experts weren’t really sure what was going to happen with the company. Most of us surely didn’t think they would become such an industry leader like they have. Even if someone did think this, they shouldn’t wouldn’t have thought it would have happened in such a relatively short period of time.

At this stage in the game, they are very high ranked both for online slots and live dealer games. Additionally, they have pushed hard to expand all over the globe. That’s why this news about their expansion in East Africa is exciting but not exactly surprising. It’s exactly what we would expect from them from what we’ve seen of their long-term business strategy.