BitStarz Halloween Quest Event Giving Out €50,000+ in Prizes

BitStarz Halloween Quest Event Giving Out €50,000+ in Prizes ( Click to Enlarge )

It’s the spooky time of year again, and BitStarz has players on a Halloween Quest that can end up with a trip to visit Transylvania, the site of the story of Dracula. On top of that, up to €50,000 in prizes will be given out to players who make it through the different levels available, and the further you go, the better prizes you get.

This is a promotion from BitStarz that is running from October 7, 2019 to November 8, 2019.

BitStarz Brings a Spooky Event

Halloween is just around the corner, and BitStarz has just what you need to make the most of the spooky season. Their new Halloween Quest event will be given players a chance to pick up a piece of a €50,000 individual prize pool, but that’s not all.

One lucky winner will take down a prize that awards a trip to Transylvania to see the location in which the original novel of Dracula was set.

This whole promotion is set up to reward players for getting in on the action in the same way that they would be otherwise, and that’s our favorite type of deal since it essentially means free money for playing your favorite games. In what follows, we’ll break down everything to expect from this promotion.

How to Qualify for This Event

All you have to do for this event is play real money games in their casino from October 7 through November 8, 2019. It’s a month-long promotion that counts all of your real money wagers (bonus balance bets do not count) towards progress through the various levels.

A total of 40 levels are available for this event, and the further you get, the harder it becomes to advance because the next level gives a better prize than the previous one.

You need to make sure that you do not try to run up the wagering progress bars by engaging in what could be considered “low-risk bets” like betting even and odd on roulette at the same time. If you do this, then you will be disqualified from winning any prizes with this promotion.

What Kinds of Prizes Are Given

Bonuses, free spins and other goodies can be given on the completion of each level. BitStarz Casino is keeping everything a surprise, so you’ll have to do your own virtual trick or treating to find out what you get at each level.

It’s important to point out two things about these prizes:

  1. They are paid out to your account right away after you earn them.
  2. If you close your account before receiving a prize, then your prize is forfeited, and you will not receive it.

The first player who finishes all 40 levels will win a prize to Transylvania, Romania. This includes six nights stay in a high-end hotel and a pair of plane tickets. The player who wins this top prize will have the option to receive an equivalent cash prize instead.

Other Terms and Conditions

There are a few other things that players will want to know about this promotion. First off, all bonuses, free spins and other goodies that you can win with this promotion are all subject to a 10x play-through requirement. That means if you win €25 on a certain level, then you’ll need to play through €250 before you can cash out.

Additionally, table games wagers will only count as 5 percent of their face value for the purposes of this promotion. Note that all slots count as 100 percent along similar lines.

Outside of that, you’re free to play what you want to accumulate points in your meter to advance through the levels and win more prizes.

A Spooky Good Deal

As we mentioned earlier, the BitStarz Halloween Quest is a tremendous deal for players who want to get in on the action on their favorite titles, no matter the genre, and be rewarded for it with all kinds of goodies. This is a great time to start at this casino with this promotion starting since you’ll be able to get points towards extra prizes until this promotion ends on November 8, 2019.