Psychology Of Online Casino Boom


What is the psychology behind the online casino boom? Few industries in the entertainment niche have seen as much recent growth as online casinos. The rate of adoption has been remarkable, and many parts of the world now see it as the standard way to have fun gambling.

This is great news for operators and players, and research about player habits is beginning to emerge.

Recently, a report was released looking at the psychological differences between those who play online, and those who don’t.

Why Play Online?

What is it that drives players to use online casinos rather than their brick-and-mortar alternatives?

The report concludes pretty much what you might expect – that convenience is the dominant factor. However, another strong motivator is the incredible value online games offer, with popular casinos regularly offering deals and bonuses.

People also like the wider variety of entertainment options offered, with no limitations like floorspace. People can appreciate the anonymity of online casino gaming; whatever the reason may be, this is an interesting finding.

Bricks And Mortar

The primary reason people choose brick-and-mortar over the virtual version is that reduced realism is an obstacle for them.

As software improves, this may change – virtual reality may become a factor. Future improvements could also address the second reason, which is that real social interaction is lacking online.

The report also showed that the use of electric money could be an obstacle – many still prefer physical currency.

This is slightly strange, as many venues are now switching to card-based transactions. But, it seems some people don’t feel completely secure on the net, expressing strong distrust for digital transactions.

An Industry In Transition

Many of the main reasons for people showing a preference for land-based gambling are being addressed by improving the software in online casinos.

The bandwidth-heavy requirements of some things, like live casino feeds, might pose a problem, but work is being done to make the necessary improvements.

As internet accessibility continues to expand, it is almost inevitable that live dealer games will grow in popularity.

The anonymity will still be there, and some of the social aspects may begin to improve. With the glimpse into the psychology of players afforded by this report, it’s clear that the casino industry is evolving rapidly.