Push Gaming Signs Distribution Deal With Genesis Global

Push Gaming Signs Distribution Deal With Genesis Global ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal has been signed that will have games from developer Push Gaming show up at casinos operated by Genesis Global. This is a big win for both of these companies because it improves what’s going on for both of them while simultaneously bringing players more top-tier games and making them easier to get access to.

Push Gaming and Genesis Global Pair Up

Push Gaming has signed a deal recently that gives them a lot of room to get their games in front of new players. This deal will have their titles appear at casinos that are operated by Genesis Global, one of the biggest and most popular online casino operators in the world.

The best part about this deal is that it’s the players who will ultimately win.

We see deals like this happen a lot because software companies are constantly trying to get their games in front of new players, but this one in particular is a bit special. The reason for that comes down to how it’s actually Relax Gaming that will be facilitating the software side of the deal in terms of integration, and we don’t usually see involvement from a third party along these lines.

Deal of the Week

If you’re familiar with what’s been happening in the online casino world over the past few years, then you’ll know that software companies have been strategically working toward getting their games in as many places as possible more than ever before.

One reason for this is that regulators have different requirements and licensing standards in each individual market, so trying to get licensed or otherwise get access to players in each market is a key component in any solid expansion strategy. Making deals with companies that have existing agreements to run through their platforms is one of the most common ways of making this happen.

That’s the sort of thing that makes a deal like this one between Genesis Global and Push Gaming so important, and it’s also what makes the involvement from Relax Gaming much more interesting than it may initially seem. In short, this isn’t just the new “deal of the week,” and instead, there’s some actual subtlety and depth to what’s going on here.

What’s Included in This Agreement

A number of the most popular games that Push Gaming has ever produced will be available through the initial offering of this cooperation. That includes big names like Wild Swarm, Fat Rabbit and others. The casinos involved will definitely like the addition of more high-quality titles since that’s what they’re trying to offer in the first place.

On the other hand, the sites where these games will be offered aren’t exactly slouches either. They include some major names like Pelaa Casino and Casino Gods among many others that operate under the Genesis Global name. Thanks to this software distribution agreement, players at these sites and plenty of others will have greater access to a significant number of titles that they did not before.

What to Expect for Players

In deals like this, things usually unfold in what could be seen as three stages for the players at these casinos.

First off, there is usually an initial surge of games that will be chosen from the most popular of what this software company has to offer.

Second, you’ll start to see other games added at a regular basis from the existing portfolio.

Once those are all together, you’ll see a trickle of new content come in from the software provider when they release new games, and that forms up the third part of the overall way this type of thing usually goes.

Overall, that means that players can expect new games to come over time, which means that this is a deal that keeps on giving to players over the long run. That’s obviously the kind of thing that will help to benefit everyone involved.