Quickspin’s New Dragon Chase Slot Awards Two Big Jackpots

Quickspin’s New Dragon Chase Slot Awards Two Big Jackpots ( Click to Enlarge )

A pair of sizeable jackpots have already been paid out on one of Quickspin’s newest slot titles with Dragon Chase. This game has only been around since the middle of June, but it’s already shown that it’s the kind of title that’s going to pay out big and pay out often to the lucky players who take their chances with it.

Two Major Back-to-back Wins

What’s really amazing about the Dragon Chase slot by Quickspin most recently is the fact that it’s paid out some pretty big prizes back to back. Two wins worth upper five-figures have been awarded within a period of just 24 hours on this game recently.

This slot brought forth wins of €67,547 and €99,301 recently within 24 hours, which shows it’s seriously bringing players some payouts to remember.

If you’re the type of player who gets excited over slots that seem to be hot and paying out pretty often, then this is definitely something to get excited about. It’s rare that you hear about games awarding big jackpots twice in a week, but for it to happen twice in a day is astounding and definitely worth taking note of.

Balanced Play in a Jackpot-based Slot

Something really worth pointing out about the Dragon Chase online slot is that it was designed to give a ton of action while chasing a big jackpot instead of the jackpot being the only fun part about the game. This top prize always starts out at the €55,000 level before getting larger and larger until it’s won, and then it starts back up again.

We’re really happy about the fact that both of these jackpots were won with wagers of less than €1 per spin. What that shows is that Quickspin is serious about giving players a chance to win big payouts no matter what level of stakes they’re comfortable with.

This is made possible because your chances of winning the progressive are proportionate to the size of your bet. This means a €0.50 wager would have twice the chance of winning the jackpot as a €0.25 wager, for example, but both bets would still have a real chance to win, which is evident by the two wins that happened recently within a 24-hour period.

Two Versions of the Same Game

Quickspin is owned by online gaming juggernaut Playtech, and they actually created two versions of this game to help satisfy the fact that they get global distribution to players in all different types of demographics.

One version of this game has a more Asian spin to it with traditional red and gold symbols, a different soundtrack and extra special effects with dragons and more.

At its core, however, both versions of this game have the exact same mechanics with the same chances to win all of the available prizes and features. The only difference is the visual and audio aspect, and we think that’s a smart way to handle that sort of thing so that all different kinds of players will be able to enjoy this title.

The Random Wildfire Feature

Something else that has helped to make this game popular is that the main bonus feature, the Wildfire feature, is triggered at random during the regular game or free spins mode. This is important because it keeps the action going instead of making players only sit around waiting to hit the jackpot, especially since you can trigger free spins in the meantime.

Going Forward With Dragon Chase

Dragon Chase looks like it will continue to be popular among players for the foreseeable future. It has a lot to offer both visually and on the gameplay side of things, and that’s before you even consider the big progressive jackpot that’s paid out twice inside of 24 hours just two months after the game was released.