Raging Rex Arrives From PlayNGo

Raging Rex Arrives From PlayNGo ( Click to Enlarge )

Released near the start of the year, Raging Rex is already finding its feet as one of the crown jewels of Play n’ Go’s extensive line of slots. The team has brought their characteristic Swedish creative flair to the Jurassic era with a totally on-brand, rampaging monster of an online slot game.

Raging Rex Details

Built with six reels, Rex offers players an easy-to-read interface that lacks a lot of clutter from other games but still gets their point across. With Play n’ Go’s characteristic experience in refining and respecting a customer’s playtime, the game asks you to match rows of amber-encrusted insects and the occasional dinosaur.

Securing one of these giant lizards allows you to trigger ‘rampage mode’, offering a wealth of wild bonuses and awarding a number of free spins.

Ranking high on the developer’s volatility index, the game is targeted at players who prefer not to play it safe and seek to take advantage of the game’s myriad bonuses.

The highest ranking bonus nets players a 7.5 times bonus to your stake and adding more wild symbols to the mix.

This could make it a little daunting for players unfamiliar with slots and mitigating risk, but the lure of securing up to 5000 times your stake on a single spin may be too much to resist.

Varied Stake Levels

Of course, the Swedish developers also know the importance of bringing order to chaos and have taken steps to ensure that the game’s microtransactions let players of any type get involved. The game is currently freely available on IOS and Android platforms with a small install footprint and minimal data permissions required. On top of this, the game has a 20p buy per spin all the way up to £100 for those that are able to afford it!

So, it will be important to see what other games Play n’ Go bring to the table (or smartphone) as the year goes on, and if they tame and update the wild beast before the year is out.