Realistic Games Launches First Progressive Title: Funky Spin Classic Slot

Realistic Games Launches First Progressive Title: Funky Spin Classic Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

Realistic Games has made a first for themselves with their most recent slot release. This comes in the form of the Funky Spin classic slot, but what’s such a big deal about this release is that it’s their first progressive, and this game brings a lot of action despite the three-reel layout to give players a tremendous experience.

The First Realistic Games Progressive Slot Release

Progressive slots are a staple in the online casino industry, and they’re often the most popular games that a software provider has to offer. That’s why Realistic Games’ most recent game release is such a big deal.

The new Funky Spin online slot offers players a fun, action-oriented experience that centers around chances to win a progressive jackpot.

This is the first progressive in their portfolio, so it’s pretty clear that they’re turning a bit of a corner in terms of offering something they really haven’t before. Despite the fact that their portfolio as a whole is high-quality in the general sense, they haven’t released an online slot with a progressive jackpot included until now.

What to Expect From Funky Spin

This three-reel game gives players some decent features to go along with chances to win one of three different progressive jackpots. Five paylines give you five main ways to win on the game board, but the Funky Spin symbols are what will award the jackpots.

Get three Funky Spin symbols on a payline to get one of the three progressive jackpots.

The choice of which progressive you’ll take down is a question of chance since it’ll be randomly determined, and the smaller of the three jackpots (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be hit the most often. That’s a pretty reasonable and popular way of handling this sort of thing in games with multiple progressives, and we think it’s great for players as well.

Aiming to Appeal at a Wide Audience

The Commercial Director of Realistic Games Robert Lee had something interesting to say about this game release. He put a lot of emphasis on the idea that it was put together specifically to try to appeal to a larger audience. We find it interesting that a classic slot is what they used to try to achieve this since they’re not exactly the most popular games out there, but he has the position he has for a reason.

One aspect of the game that will appeal to plenty of players is the fact that the Bronze jackpot is going to hit very often, and the Silver jackpot will hit fairly often as well. Aside from that, we’ll have to wait to see how it performs to see if Lee was right about his assessment.

What we do know is that the action-oriented style of the game means it plays more like a traditional video slot than a classic title, and that’s something that will help it with its more universal appeal.

HTML5 Releases From Realistic Games

A key component to the success of Realistic Games has been the fact that all of their games are produced in HTML5. The significance of this cannot be understated: HTML5 is the leading platform these days and outperforms Adobe Flash for online slots in some very serious metrics.

What’s more is that with the HTML5 format being used, that means that players can enjoy the same version of the titles on all of their devices. Computers, tablets and smartphones will all run the same version of their games with no problems. That includes computers running Linux, Mac and Windows as well as mobile devices on Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, Android and other operating systems.

For now, we can see that Realistic Gaming is going to continue to pad their portfolio with high-quality releases like this one that might be just a little bit out of the box, and we’re sure that players will be exciting to take their shots at the three progressive titles in the new Funky Spin classic slot.